Why Content Batching Systems Don't Work

How many times have you heard the following?

“Batch your tasks
Batch your content creation
Batch your marketing

… so that you can free up time and massively increase your productivity!”

I hear about batching all the time online, especially around marketing and content creation. A lot of people say that it’s the best way to systemize content creation, stay focused, and be highly productive.

Not to knock anyone who uses this method…

But, if you’re anything like me, this process DOESN’T work because it means sitting down and staying in the creative zone genius for longer periods of time. Batching has a place and a purpose in your business operations, but sometimes it doesn’t really apply.

Have you ever...

  • Knocked out a piece of content when you feel inspired… and then hear crickets when you attempt to think of everything else you have to do when your batch session is over.
  • Held on to your content ideas or list, waiting for there to be “enough” ideas to batch them
  • Delayed creating new content because it wasn’t “batch day”… then forgot the idea or can’t decipher what you meant in your notes
  • Avoided batching all together thinking, “I’m the boss and no one can make me create content today!”

I’ve done ALL of these things myself and I know am not wired to focus on creative tasks for long periods of time. And that’s OK because I created my own content creation system that works for me and my business. A system that keeps the content flowing without panicked moments when you realize you don’t have anything to post for the week or a system that has you constantly producing without having to dread upcoming batch periods on your schedule.

So if batching isn’t your thing, how do you get off the content-panic-coaster and create a content system that works for you?

Here's what I did:

  • Make an inventory of your past content assets and ask yourself: “how can I edit, reformat, and repurpose this piece?” to stretch out your existing content and create an inventory.
  • Make a goal to get ahead of the content cycle and create 2 pieces of content over a short period of time: say, one week. That way you have some breathing room and new inventory to draw from.
  • Going forward, have the goal of creating one new piece of content per week to keep the inventory going.
  • Delegate repurposing and or production to streamline your time and increase your productivity!

The moral of the story is that to be truly productive, you have to create a system that works FOR YOU – that works for how YOU like to work and takes into account YOUR tools and resources and leverages them to achieve your goals.

Not every popular system, tool, or solution is going to work for you. If you want a custom content and marketing process created specifically for how you work, then you might be a good fit for my Upleveled Entrepreneur service.

Apply for a Level Up Business Assessment call to see what your business could be with the right partner at your side.

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