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You've made the right moves...

You’re business has grown and you’re ready to take it to the next level. Your 7-figure business is RIGHT there, but every day it’s slipping away….

  • You’re putting out fires all day and not making progress on your strategic plans.
  • You’re team constantly needs your direction and work STILL ends up back on your plate.
  • You’re drowning in to-dos and barely able to keep your head above water.
  • You have ZERO headspace for new offers, marketing, and sales just trying to keep your business going.

Growth is slowing down, you feel like you can’t shut off, and you’re trapped in your business.


Stop trying to "Figure out" how to scale.
The Sustainable Scaling Formula


The systems to replicate your magic and produce the results that bring you closer to your scaling goals.

Software + Automation

The softwares that support your systems and the automation that make them easy to execute.

Support Team

The support team that runs your software to execute your systems and turns your business into a machine.

What our Sustainable Scaling Foundation
Looks like in real life...

Work Less

Our Clients often cut their work hours by 50% and save a minimum of 10 hours to start.

Have more freedom and time to focus on your family, relationships, and your next 7-Figure service.

Have it All

Our Clients go from $8k months to $25k weeks while sipping Mai Tais in Bali.

Run your business on autopilot and finally have the freedom lifestyle you always dreamed of.

Be the CEO

Our Clients work less than 25 hours a week and have plenty of free time to create their next 7-figure service idea.

Be the proud CEO of a systematized and automated business run by a world-class team.

True Expertise


I’m a speaker, Trusted Advisor and Secret Resource behind high-achieving online service based female entrepreneurs. 

With 15+ years experience, we’ve been the hidden resource behind a multitude of small business owners, developing their systems so they have more freedom and time to focus on their family, relationships and their next 6-Figure service idea.

The problem is that you’re overworked, overstressed and your business back end is a mess, making you feel like less of a CEO and more like hot mess pretending to have it together.

At Diane Lam Co. we believe that having it all in your business is easy and that burnout isn’t necessary to have a thriving business. We understand what it’s like to sacrifice yourself and your time for your business.

That’s why we consciously chose a different way. A sustainable to scaling and freedom pathway that takes us out of the business and puts us in the CEO seat. 

Becoming the CEO of well-run company is as easy as 1-2-3-4.

REady to Build Your
Sustainable Scaling Foundation?

1. Business Ops Blueprint

It All Starts Here.

A custom blueprint for the perfect systems, tech + automations and team to run your buisness how you WANT.

We'll tell you exactly what to do and how to do it for rock solid scaling.

2. Fully Built Foundation

This is Phase 2.

Turn your business into a machine that doesn't need your sweat equity.

We'll help you build everything to standardize your process, streamline + empower your team.

3. Scale to A Skyscraper

Phase 3 is about support while you scale.

You built the systems, the team and the tech - now make Boss moves with 100% certainty and COO in your backpocket.

We're on-call experts for all the "how" questions in your business as you scale to your next $100k.

The Plan

1: Book an Ops Consult

We’ll go over your scaling goals & map out the path that will set your business to autopilot.

2: Pay Your Invoice

We don't ask you to pay everything up front to lock in your services.

3: Show up & We Do the Heavy Lifting

We’ll lead you through our signature system definition process, add our expertise & to create the perfect systems for you.

4: Delegate Once and for all

We'll train you & your team so you can get work off your plate. Truly set it and forget it.

Our SYstems approach

Not all systems are created equal.

Anyone can write down steps and call it a system, but that doesn’t provide the context to transition work fully off your plate once and for all.

We do it a different way.

  • We create elite systems – systems built with delegation in mind so you can get work off your plate with trust and control.
  • We build systems that cut training time in half, answer questions before they’re asked so that you get the results you want – every.single.time.
  • We build system that can be implemented by almost anyone and will replicate your special sauce so that you can scale in half the time.

Because designing systems that really work – the kind help you reach your goals, replicate your magic and can be implemented by someone other than you – while keeping you in control and producing the perfect results, is a delicate balance that requires skill, experience and expertise to develop.

That’s our expertise.

Don't Take My Word For it -


The 1 System You Need to Level Up Your Business

Find out exactly what is standing in your way and the 1 system you need to focus on to uplevel your business.