There are a million ways to scale a business.

The easy + effortless way is custom to YOU.

By trying to scale your business the exact same way your coach, business bestie, or your competitor is scaling…

You make it harder to scale, stay stuck in the same place, frustrated and overworked, and wondering if it’ll ever get easier for you.

Hi, I’m Diane Lam. My friends call me D. Lam.

I’m an Operations mentor + consultant for online business owners who want to scale to multi-6 figures and beyond with the freedom & flexibility to build a life + business that they love.

Running operations, building teams, and launching businesses – including 5 multi-million dollar hedge funds – was my bread and butter for my entire 10+ year corporate career, so you would think scaling businesses would be second nature to me…

…I thought so too, until I maxed out at 5 clients.

Without even knowing it, I built my own personal glass ceiling and struggled to scale my own business.

Oh sure, I was doing the work to scale…

I was doing all the things that the big-name coaches told me to do - but I still struggled to let go of work, trust my VA, and delegate processes that we had in place.

I made every mistake in the scaling book, and it wasn’t until I was near burnout (AGAIN) that I knew something had to change.

I had to dig deep to reconfigure just about every part of my business and how I approached operations…

…The result was the framework that helped me 3x my capacity while cutting my hours.

  • I pinpointed the systems I needed to fast-track as an online service business so that I could delegate higher-level work and foolproof my results.

  • I cut through all tech options and honed in on the perfect ones that every online business needs AND the specialty tech to run my business just right.

  • I reconfigured my team and hired roles that actually supported my business and freed up more time instead of holding off.

  • I upleveled my leadership so I could delegate with trust and lead my team, so they showed up for me.

When it was all said and done, it took me over a year to figure out how to cut my hours from 60+ a week down to less than 25.

And most importantly, I got the freedom I craved when I started my business.

Now, I’ve helped dozens of my own clients – coaches, consultants, boutique agency owners, and digital product creators – have that same freedom.

You don’t have to do it the way I did -
stifling your growth and taking over a year to figure out how to get you to your next $100k without sacrificing yourself.

If you’re ready for a business that runs EFFORTLESSLY and scales even easier

Don't Take My Word For it -

Scaling your business can be so confusing.

But it doesn't have to be!

Take the Business Ops Assessment and in less than 5 minutes I’ll tell you what’s standing in the way of your next $100k and what to do about it. Sound good?