Hi I'm Diane Lam!

Speaker and Trusted Advisor to high-achieving online service based female entrepreneurs

"I was put on this earth to build empires."

Diane Lam has been featured in Forbes and is speaker and Trusted Advisor to high-achieving, online service-based female entrepreneurs. 

Six-figure female business owners seek her strategic support when they have the desire to scale to seven figures, but are near burnout. Over the years, Diane has been the hidden resource behind a multitude of small business owners, doing the heavy lifting in developing their systems so they have more freedom and time to focus on their family, relationships and their next 7-Figure service idea.

Diane has spent 15+ years mastering the art and the science of systems + operations. She has an extensive background launching five multi-million dollar hedge funds and building teams of 50+ individuals for large financial institutions including Morning Gate Capital and First Republic. Through her background hitting the pavement at large billion dollar Wall St firms, she learned first hand how to create a strong operational foundation of systems, automations and team members that allowed departments to implement more quickly, reduce costs and increase ROI

With this deep systems expertise, Diane has taken her unique systems expertise and today supports female entrepreneurs, creating the same systems, automations and teams so they can operate like well-oiled Fortune 500 Companies.

Time and time again, Her clients have gone from $8k months to $25k weeks (while sipping a Mai Tai in Bali on vacation), cut their workloads by 50% (hello freedom!), and make over $250k+ in revenues while working less than 20 hours a week (cue more family time). With her highly personalized and concierge approach, Diane works with only a few clients each month to ensure that their business essence is systemized and delegated once and for all.

When not empowering and equipping her clients to cut their workloads in half, you can find Diane is traveling to far flung corners of Asia, meditating, attending sound baths, doing Reiki and exploring all things woo to keep her mind and spirit aligned so she can show up fully for her clients.

Trusted by

1. I believe building a business empire is actually really easy.

2. I believe entrepreneurs who strive for impact – who want to do well for themselves AND do good for their community – deserve to have empires.

3️. I believe that ANYONE can have a business empire – not just the exceptional or lucky few.

4️. I believe building your business empire does not need to be hard, a slog, or a battle to get there.

5️. I believe that no one’s business model is so complex that it can’t be untangled, fixed, or enhanced to run more easily and give you back time.

6️. I believe in partnerships to show us our blind spots and fill in the gaps in knowledge and skill.

7️. I believe in positive symbiotic partnership – building a business can be EASY if you let others help you. It’s MUCH harder if you go it alone.

8️. I believe that business without enjoyment is the worst possible scenario.

9️. I believe you choose how easy or hard your business is.

10. I believe that an empire starts with a conscious decision to have it.

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