How to know Dubsado is fit for your business

Dubsado is not a great tool for a lot of business owners.

I said it. 

I use Dubsado myself, and as my business has grown and evolved, I’m more and more frustrated by its limitations. 

And I see it more and more with my clients as well. As their business grows and evolves and as their goals for their business and the experiences they want their clients to have shifted, Dubsado is less and less of a fit.

I’m not knocking Dubsado, I’ve used it for the last few years and I do think it’s a powerful tool for some business owners, but not everyone.  

These are a few categories where Dubsado probably won’t be a good fit for you.

👎 If you need customized proposals – I get it, I’m systems-forward myself so I get that there has to be elements of standardization – in your packages, proposals, contracts, in the messages that go out, etc. But if you have complex packages, making adjustments to proposals that don’t require 15 clicks and changes across the package, invoice, and proposal, Dubsado probably won’t be a good fit for you.

👎 If you have variation in your payment structure – If you have paid-in-the-full options, payment plan options, separate waitlist pricing or early bird pricing, and a few different offers, good luck trying to use Dubsado in managing these payment variations, and just forget about automating your invoicing workflows.

👎 If you sell B2B – If you sell to larger businesses, where there are a few people involved in the process. Where your initial contact may not be the contract signer, there might be multiple signers and the contract signer may not be the ongoing contact for automated workflows and emails. You’ll need workarounds to get your contracts to the right person and the workflows attached to someone else. 

👎 If you’re looking for a traditional CRM – If you want a tool for actively managing all contact points for follow-up with your leads and referral sources, Dubsado probably won’t be a good fit, because there’s not a great way to track non-email touchpoints with your leads.

👎 If you need secure forms and contracts – Based on your business type and location, Dubsado contracts might not be legal or enforceable. Also, if you gather important client data on forms and need to keep them secure, Dubsado might not be a good fit for you.

When do I see Dubsado as the best fit?

👍 You don’t have a lot of different offers – You have a couple of core offers that you’ve built your packages, proposals, and offers around.

👍Your offers and packages are standard – Your offers, packages, and what is included are standard and don’t and do not change from client to client.

👍 Your process is standard and does not vary from client to client – Every client goes through the same sales proposal process, same onboarding, same invoicing, and same delivery process.

I have mentioned a few examples of situations where Dubsado is not the best-fitting software for my clients. I was recently working with clients to make recommendations to their tech suite and even though they have friends who love Dubsado, even though they enjoyed my sales and onboarding process in Dubsado, Dubsado as the software was not a good fit for them because of the way they sell their services, because of the number of contacts they work with on a project, because of the complexity of the information they need to gather at onboarding to do kick-off their services, because of how they would only be really using proposals, contracting and welcome email workflows, because they were tech-savvy and didn’t want a lot of workarounds to make their tools work for them.

These were all the reasons I gave them for why I wasn’t recommending Dubsado for them.

They wouldn’t have known that Dubsado was not a good fit if my work with them didn’t center around their processes for selling, onboarding, and delivering services to their clients.

If you’re unsure if you’re using your tech to the best advantage in your business and you want to have the right tech that will grow your business with you, then you might be a good fit for my Tech Systems Intensive. Apply for a Tech Systems Assessment and I’ll show exactly how you can have the perfect tech in your biz.

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