So you want to scale your online business EFFORTLESSLY?

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Scaling Strategy + Operations Advisory for

Online Entrepreneurs that want MORE...

You've been working hard to scale your business, now let's make it EFFORTLESS.

If you’re a services-based online business owner that wants to scale your business EFFORTLESSLY
– around here that means multi-6 figures with freedom and flexibility to do more of what you love in your life + business  –
you’re in the right place.

Scaling your business doesn’t have to be a


Too often, online business owners like you are taking all the “right” steps to scale their businesses, but are still…

  • Overwhelmed maintaining your business and have no time to figure out HOW to actually scale.

  • Following all the scaling frameworks and templates - but have no idea if you’re doing it right or when you’ll be done.

  • Comparing yourself to your peers and wondering: "why isn’t it working for me when it’s so easy for them."

Here at Diane Lam Co., we build all your ops around YOU and how YOU WANT to scale.
- Diane Lam Co. Approach

An Effortless Empire Starts Here.

Ready for a truly effortless business - AKA multi-6 figures with the freedom and flexibility to do more of what you love in your biz + life?

What we work on


We'll help you build the processes that get you perfect results every.single.time.


We'll show you the software + automations to make your systems run on autopilot.


We'll help you get the right team members, in the right roles to build your vision.


We'll help you develop the leadership skills to delegate and trust work will get done to your standards.

Our Effortless Expansion Scaling Process...


Audit your ops & create your custom scaling roadmap

STABILIZE the business

Tackle your biggest ops headaches first so you get peace of mind ASAP

Solidify foundation

Fill in the gaps in your ops foundation so you're ready for scale

Streamline Your ops

Adjust, tweak & uplevel your ops so they're smooth + scalable

You’re doing all the “right” things to scale your business…

You’ve followed your Coach’s scaling framework, bought SOP templates, read Traction, and listened to the Podcasts that tell you what you SHOULD do…

But here, we work on HOW.

We work on HOW to get your business from where you are now to effortlessly running a multi-6 figure business in 25 hours a week or less.

  • We talk team... and map out exactly how/when to hire your A-Team to build your vision for you.

  • We talk systems…and build your perfect fit systems TOGETHER so they are ready for handoff and free up your time.

  • We talk tech + automation…and exactly how to build them so you can set it and forget it.

  • We talk all things Ops…and you have a COO advisor in your corner so you can confidently handle all the "ops stuff".

  • We talk management…and create a leadership strategy that makes you comfortable owning your CEO title.

These are all real results my clients get when working with me.

And no matter where you are in your scaling journey you can have similar results.

Want to find out how?

You don’t need to write a single SOP to scale. BUT you do need to KNOW your ops so you can LEAD the people who do it for you.

D. Lam Co. Scaling Approach

Don't Take My Word For it -

Scaling your business can be so confusing.

But it doesn't have to be!

Take the Business Ops Mini Audit and in less than 5 minutes, I’ll tell you what scaling phase you’re in and what to focus on.

Sound good?