The Sustainable Business Growth Formula That Your Coach Won't Tell You About

You did it! 

You’re crossed over the 6-figure mark and your business and launches are bringing in a lot of cash, but you’re still on the income roller coaster.

You have huge months and then crickets while you rush to deliver on what you sold… And then you start all over again. 

A lot of business owners and coaches will tell you this is okay. 

This is how it’s supposed to be.

That over the year, you’re still averaging 5-figure months, so everything is good…

You see a TON of guidance on continuing to make money in your business… but not a lot of guidance on what do you do once you’ve made the money, so you can get off the revenue roller coaster so you CAN implement more growth strategies?

What do you do next?

Too often, I see business coaches talking more about continuing to grow your business. Growing in a “new way” or “scaling” and they glaze over, and in some cases, DOWNPLAY what that actually means to grow your business or scale sustainably… 

So that you don’t burn out.

So that you’re not overwhelmed.

So that your revenue isn’t a roller coaster.

So that you can have the work-life balance and freedom that you probably started your business for in the first place.

Too many business services providers and coaches are hyper-focused on growth – how to grow, how to make more money, continuing to grow, exponential growth, etc.. – but no one is talking about what it really takes to do this in a sustainable way.

Because you can continue to implement growth strategies, you can see huge revenue months, but at a certain point, you’ll see a downturn or slow down as you deliver your services.

Like coaches – you can have great launches that fill your 1:1 or your group offerings- and the next question is how do you continue to launch or bring in revenue when you’re coaching?

Or Done-For-You service providers – marketing strategists, consultants, small agency owners – that sell your expertise – how do you make more money and serve more clients when you are already at capacity?

Let’s talk about my 3S formula for actual sustainable business growth.

📈 Systems – You’ve probably heard it before, that you need systems in your business, and what this actually means is you need systems that YOU out of the day-to-day. 

This means systems and processes that someone else can easily follow so that you are not the driving force behind getting things done.

If you want to grow sustainability, you need systems that ensure that your brand, your process, your framework, your style, your flare, and your voice can be replicated by someone other than you.

📈 Software – Software, tools, platforms, you’re on them constantly when you’re running your business online. It almost goes without saying that you need the right software tools to run your business sustainably.

What this really means is that you need the software to support your systems and the way that you want your business to actually run. Your software is your gateway to automation and you can’t automate a system that isn’t well defined.

📈 Support Team – Systems and software also need support. At the end of the day, it’s impossible to totally automate everything, and there will always be elements of your business that require human interaction. 

To grow sustainably, you need a support team to execute your systems, utilize your software tools, and kick-off any automation. You also need a support team to operate the business outside of just you, if you want to be able to grow sustainably.

Do you have all 3S’s in place? What’s missing in your sustainable growth foundation?

If you’re on the income roller coaster and you’re ready for smooth sailing and freedom from your biz, then you might be a good fit for my VIP Intensives.

Apply for a VIP Systems Assessment call and I’ll share the exact formula to make growing and maintaining your 6-figure business easier than ever before.

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