Why Your Team Won’t Make Your Business Easier

Are you making over six figures in your business and STILL wondering when the “freedom lifestyle” all the gurus promised you is going to arrive?

As your business got busier, you did what they said…

1. You hired a VA
2. You strengthened your boundaries
3. You hired an OBM

… but you’re STILL at the edge of burnout???

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but your VA and OBM are not going to make your business any easier to run or allow you to take more time off.

Your biz systems are broken – Congrats, you hired team members and bought yourself some breathing room by clearing a little bit off of your plate, but you’ve really just shifted your workload to someone else WITHOUT actually becoming more efficient. As you grow, you’ll need more bodies to manage the same broken systems.

Your VA/OBM is overloaded – From admin to daily ops to projects and putting out any fires in between, your team is juggling all of the things for you. That’s great, except they are overloaded with the day-to-day ops, which means they can’t get into building your systems or streamlining operations.

This happens all the time, and I was in this exact position many times when I was an OBM. I was the right-hand-master-of-all-things AND I was so inundated overseeing the business, managing the team, overseeing projects, and putting out fires, that I didn’t have the time to build systems, automations, or scale workflows.

Your VA/OMB doesn’t specialize in scalable systems or infrastructure – Your VA/OBM may be an AWESOME right hand, an amazing team manager, and a great project planner, but they might not have the skillset to build workflows that streamline your business today AND will grow with you.

It takes a specific skill set to create the systems that will make your business easier to manage today and will also help you achieve your future growth goals.

Your OBM might not have this skillset to build what you need – especially if you focus on high-touch, high-ticket services or have near-term plans for diversifying services and launching new business lines.

All of my clients have had these challenges before working I come in to fix their broken systems, create real efficiency with their team, and set them up to scale with ease.

If you have a team, but you’re still working too damn hard and you’re already feeling overwhelmed with the upcoming holiday season, join me on Wednesday, Dec. 2 at 1 pm PT/4 pm ET for my Stressed to Streamlined Masterclass.

I’ll outline 3 simple business systems so you can put your business on autopilot and have an effortless holiday season.

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