Why Your Optimized Business Feels Harder to Run

Today, I want to talk about something that’s been going around the industry quite a lot lately.

Optimizing – it’s everywhere. It’s about automating and creating new systems.

I hear it often now from business owners, especially as there’s been a massive shift online talking about optimization in businesses to be as lean and efficient as possible.

On the flip side, I’m also getting a lot of feedback about people who had installed these new systems… but keep wondering why things haven’t gotten any easier. New systems, new people, new courses, and gurus – everything is in place.

All of that, and still things are harder than ever to manage. Sound familiar?

If that’s you – where you’ve leveraged your time to be more of a CEO (and you’ve built systems and hired people to ensure that) – and yet the business is still difficult to run.

Is your business optimized?

Well, then, maybe your business isn’t truly optimized, right?

Optimizing your business means that it is performing efficiently and that things are moving along with less energy, resources, etc.

Often, what happens with business owners is that they mistake hiring, building, and investing as optimizing. (And often, it isn’t.)

It’d be a mistake to think that after making those investments, that everything is smooth sailing. Four-hour workweek, here you come.

The problem is that when you buy, build, and invest, you may be doing it without the full scope of the business and where it’s going.

Especially when things are outsourced and people are not necessarily on the same page.

So if you hire one group to build a bunch of SLPs, then hire another person to automate parts of your business, then someone else to start on the admin work within your business – all of these pieces may not be talking with one another and may not have the comprehensive view of your business and where you’re going.

That’s the primary challenge when you’re building all of these “optimizations.”

It’s like building a house… but not knowing what the address is. You’re building and building, but have no idea where it’s located. In the end, you finish building it but realize that it’s not at all where you wanted to be.

When you’re optimizing, it’s crucially important to focus on where you’re going.

And regarding outsourcing, you can 100% outsource components to build an optimized business. However, there has to be at least one trusted person that is overseeing everything and knows the comprehensive view of your business, as well as the end goal.

That’s why it might feel like it’s so much harder to run your business.

Additionally, being able to direct the optimization outsourcing is incredibly important – aiming for an end goal that everyone is aware of.

If you avoid having several disjointed pieces that have no oversight on the end goal, you’ll get much further along than you would otherwise.

And, if you have made a mistake and you feel that after investing X amount of money, you’re not where you want to be, here’s the next step: step back.

Take a step back and analyze the situation. Whether it’s you, someone else on your team, a consultant, etc., take a step back and look at the business comprehensively.

Analyze the Situation

What are the resources, what did you build, and where do you ultimately want to go?

These questions can help you tweak and mold.

I’m not saying that you have to clear the slate and start over. In most cases, you can adjust and fine-tune things.

It may be a bit more difficult because of the existing systems and infrastructure, but it is doable. Take a step back and look at everything – production, process, results, etc. Is it moving closer to what you’d like – to what you envisioned?

That’s how you can assess how well your optimization is performing.

If you’re feeling like you’ve optimized something and it isn’t working, reach out to me – I’m happy to have a chat with you. Drop me a comment below or grab my scheduling link and let’s have a chat about what you might need to do to optimize your business and accelerate your growth without working that much harder.

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