Why Your Business Won’t Grow in 2022

Anytime now, right?

You did all the things that your coach, the books, and the blogs told you to do to grow your business.

So anytime now, your freedom-filled entrepreneurial lifestyle is supposed to start, right?

But maybe you’re still waiting because…

🤷 You’re working more hours than you expected when you originally launched your biz (it’s not exactly the lifestyle that you want, but it’s not terrible).

🤷 You have a VA and a team (that doesn’t do exactly what you want or need, but at least you have bodies to hand tasks off to when things get too crazy).

🤷 You’re tied to the business, constantly worrying about it while you go through the motions of self-care and “time off” (but hey, at least you’re taking time off).

So you’ve checked the boxes, BUT you haven’t fully integrated these steps into your business.

The problem isn’t the solutions (you have all the right solutions), the problem is in the details of those solutions.

If you’re getting this message, you’re probably not an operations expert, a systems expert, or a remote teams expert. And you can only implement as well as you know.

The thing is, anyone can learn the process for brain surgery in a textbook, but the text alone rarely gives them the ability to successfully complete surgery without actual experience.

Just like every other specialized skill, there are hacks, codes, and insider details that you’ll never be aware of until you’re going through the experience.

And you’re gaining the experience right now.

In your struggle to “figure it out”, in the overwhelm with capacity issues, in your lack of confidence in your team, your tech and your process…

… you’re learning what’s not working so you can troubleshoot, diagnose, and refine your solutions.

🤔 The only question is how long are you going to stay in this trial + error phase?

Especially when you can have the answers, the hacks, the codes, and the expert details given to you.

💃 My clients work less than 25 hours a week.

💃 My clients add $15k, $25, $50k and $100k+ to their revenue.

💃 My clients have teams they totally trust because I use the expertise I’ve honed for 15 years to give them the exact answers to all the “how” questions they have about running their businesses.

The result? Skipping past growing pains with confidence, certainty, and security that they know their exact next move and exactly how they’re going to scale.

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