Why Your Business Isn’t Growing – Part 2

Hi guys, Diane here.

You might’ve seen my video from a couple of days ago on why your business isn’t growing.

I’m still in San Francisco and I wanted to address this question because the reason your business isn’t growing usually comes down to a couple of factors.

I tackled the first one last week. The core issue is typically based on clarity: If you don’t know where you’re going and if you’re not clear on what your business is, what your business offers, whom it targets, how it’s going to do all of these things – you’re probably not going to be able to grow and get traction.

The reason why your business is not growing

The second most common reason for businesses not growing is inconsistency. You’re might not be consistent in your messaging or even in your marketing. Or, inconsistent in the way you put your products or your services out there. Even still, in the way that you’re delivering your product.

This lack of consistency is what leads people to either try different tactics in hopes of success (to no avail) because they’re spread too thin or are putting out conflicting messages and information about their business. The client doesn’t know what to expect, and that inconsistency will lead them elsewhere.

That lack of traction ramps up when early business owners are trying to grow and believe they need to do everything: build the website, handle all the marketing, find all the clients, and more.

Thinking you need to do all of these things to keep pushing forward – with no clarity on where you’re going – will lead you to do a bunch of things that don’t fall within your expertise. That’s where another point of inconsistency comes in. And, once you get tired or frustrated or annoyed with everything on your plate… things will start to fall off.

Cue more inconsistency. And even more, things falling off your plate due to being spread too thin, like marketing and sales support and customer delivery. This is another key reason people won’t know what to expect from your business.

This lack of clarity and consistency is where I see 90%, 95% of business owners going wrong going off the tracks. And it doesn’t matter whether you are highly, highly successful. I’ve seen super successful entrepreneurs and online business owners go off the tracks with their new products or new service and course launches because of a lack of clarity and consistency in the messaging.

What can you do to get consistent in your business?

The first thing is to get help. I know this goes contrary to a lot of blogs out there, with gurus telling you that you have to do everything yourself. You have to bootstrap, do everything, and when you get to a certain place… then you can start to build your resources.

Well, that couldn’t be more wrong or far from the truth: don’t waste your time doing things that are outside your area of expertise. Not only do you virtually guarantee that your results are going to be less than stellar, but you are also implicitly saying, Hey, I don’t really value my own time or energy. So to get consistent, you got to start offloading the things that fall outside of your expertise.

I’m not saying to go out and hire a whole team of full-time employees. What I am saying is to take the things that are on your to-do list and start delegating them. There are freelancers or contractors at all price points that can support you and that will get you some lift and help you get consistent in the activities that you’re taking on to get traction within your business.

The second thing that you can do to get consistent is to build out your systems, processes, and operations so that you have your checklist of everything that goes into your marketing and product/service delivery.

Building out these lists and processes help so that even if you’re aren’t going to hire a team or you don’t want to delegate – then at the very least, you can know with certainty what steps you have to follow every time before delivering a product, or while marketing, or funneling, etc.

Not only is it clearer for checking things off of – but it will ultimately lead to more consistency.

So those are the two key factors and things that you can do immediately to get traction today and build consistency within your business. Build out your system processes and start to delegating some pieces of the work within your business that are not within your core area of expertise to get the lift in productivity you’re looking for.


So – are you someone concerned about whether or not your business is growing? Questioning whether you’re on the right track? Doubting your decisions?

Are you unclear about where to go or how to build your systems and processes or how to even hire someone?

Drop me a comment below. I love hearing from you guys and I’m always happy to help.

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