Everyone Wants to be a CEO Until it’s Time to do CEO Sh*t

Did you know, I am a big fan of Bravo’s Below Deck?

In a trailer for the new season, Captain Lee (my fav 🤩🤩) said, “Everyone wants to be Captain until it’s time to do Captain sh*t.”

And the truth in that statement rang loud and clear.

Anyone can call themselves a CEO, a Founder, or an Owner.

But when it comes down to it, when it’s time to make the decisions, have hard conversations, and lead so that your business can thrive, do you act like it?

It can be hard to own your role as the CEO in your business when your business is disorganized, messy, and unsteady.

This is exactly what one of my clients felt like whenever they introduced themselves.

Even though they were making almost $20k/month and helping SO many people, they silently cringed when they referred to themself as the CEO of their business because…

😓 No one saw that the posting about a long lunch on social media meant they were working until after 9 pm.

😓 No one saw that they worked all day without being able to take a break to eat until after 5 pm.

😓 No one saw the panic when they realized they’d forgotten something for a client.

😓 No one saw their growing frustration with their VA and OBM.

😓😓 They didn’t feel like they had it together as a business owner, let alone a CEO.

They were just trying to get through the days, hoping that things would somehow start to get easier.

But this all came to a grinding halt when COVID took them out for the count and they literally could not get out of bed.

It was a hard decision for them to push back potential new clients and slow down so they could solidify their ops foundation.

And once they recovered, we went to work rebuilding their ops foundation over six months and they….

💥 Canceled projects and VIP days they originally invested in because they thought it would help them scale, but no longer made any sense after we outlined the systems for how they wanted to work.

💥 Cleared their air with their VA and OBM and put them in charge of rebuilding their tech and automations to work with new systems so that they would be touchless.

💥 Let go of their OBM when they couldn’t make it work.

💥 Hired another VA and a new PM, onboarded them like a pro, and held their team accountable for their work and the support they needed in their business.

And in what felt like the blink of an eye…

🚀🚀 They went from overworking to working regular hours.

🚀🚀They were delegating more and bigger work and had the capacity to welcome 2 new clients.

🚀🚀 They were leading their team and TRUSTED them to do work to their standard.

👑👑Most of all, they finally, FINALLY felt comfortable claiming the title of CEO.

Yes, there were some tense moments.

Moments that made them anxious and nervous, but need to be done for the health and wellness of their business.

And they navigated those moments and came out a stronger and a more confident leader on the other side.

They told me later that it was easier to do because they had me at their side showing them what to do and how to handle the tough, uncomfortable parts so they always felt like they were in control and could handle it.

They handled the CEO sh*t and stepped fully into their CEO role.

I can help you step into your CEO shoes, too, in Effortless Expansion.

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