Why It’s Impossible for You to Create Systems in Your Business

It’s actually IMPOSSIBLE for a successful business owner to create their own business systems.

Gurus and business coaches all say the secret to scaling a business is creating systems. But it’s actually IMPOSSIBLE for a successful business owner to create their own system.

Maybe your coach has been telling you for AGES to “document your processes” so you can get out of the weeds in your business. During networking events, other business owners might say “creating systems is easy and only takes 5 minutes!” And sure it might seem easy – you just write down how you do things…

BUT when you sit down to actually do it, the blank page and blinking cursor mock you. You’re unsure where to start with this “easy, 5-minute project” and you feel frustrated by the uncertainty and lack of progress. You feel like you’d rather be doing anything else and maybe start to think creating systems is a waste of time and won’t work for your particular business.

So you continue to trudge along. Doing all the things in your business by yourself because you don’t have the time to train others or create systems and delegate.

You stay where you are: your current revenue level, your current lack of time, and your current work/life balance all stay the same.

You tolerate your business and all the annoying administrative and operational tasks because that’s part of “being a CEO,” right?

I get it. I hear it from my clients ALL. THE. TIME.

The truth is, whether you are a…

  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Strategist
  • Some other professional service provider

Chances are, your business is successful because you are exceptionally good at what you do.

If building systems is not that one service, then it is incredibly difficult to find the time to create them when you’re already strapped for time delivering your expertise to make money!


Like a lot of decisions, what to do boils down to time or money.

Are you willing to go slower, take more time and stay at your current revenue level, put off your life, family, and a bigger business vision for another year or two, while you try to build your own systems in your “spare” time?

Or do you invest now to go faster, leaving to having the right systems created FOR YOU, specifically and expertly-designed to help you reach your bigger vision – done for you so it’s EASY, you don’t have worry about whether you’re doing it “right,” leaving you to focus 110% on delivering your service and making money?

If you are done trying to build your systems in your spare time and you ready to Uplevel to CEO of your business empire, my custom Upleveled Entrepreneur service might be a good fit for you.

Apply for a Level Up Business Assessment call so you can see how working together can add rocket fuel to your business and creating systems can be faster and easier than you ever imagined.

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