Who + When to Hire to Grow a Multi 6-Figure Business

You have to make a ton of decisions every day, all to grow your business and finally get the entrepreneurial freedom and flexibility you might dream about.

Every day, you decide…

What to offer – How to market – What content to produce – What client to serve first – How to reply to a prospect – When to follow up – Who to reply to next – What to post on social…

It goes on and on and on…

While you try to handle all the decisions on your own, there might be one decision you’re struggling to make: the decision on who to hire and when.

Because it’s not always immediately clear who you need to support your business.

Because how to do it in the online space can be so confusing.

Because finding the right hires at the right price at the right time, seems impossible.

So delaying hiring decisions is actually a pretty easy decision, right?

I’ve been there, done that, delayed, and once I did it, I 100000% wished I’d done it sooner.

So who do you really need on your team when you’re building your business?

Level 1: When you’re starting up

It can be tempting to DIY when you’re getting started and looking for your first clients.

But don’t waste time on tasks that you don’t know how to do (or need to do some serious studying to figure out.) I’m looking at you, WordPress, SEO, and Clickfunnels DIYers.

Trying to DIY expert level tasks can be so frustrating! It takes up valuable time and usually guarantees below average results (there’s a reason they say expertise takes 10,000 hours).

Hire a freelancer to finish your website, graphic designs, SEO or marketing strategy. By ticking off these tasks from your to-do lists you can focus on executing and generating revenue.

This is what’s going to move the needle and graduate you to the next level.

Level 2: When you’re ramping up.

As you grow and hit the ramp-up phase where you have clients and are hitting 6-figures for the first time, you’ll need more ongoing team members to create additional capacity for you. This means offloading more recurring tasks.

Focus on hiring ongoing contractors to round out your team.They can be admin, social media marketers, project managers, tech VA’s, or a combination of them.

Get regular ongoing support for your biggest time-sucking tasks so you can increase your capacity while learning how to manage a team.

This will put you WAYYYY ahead of the pack when you’re ready to scale.

Level 3: When you’re scaling up.

When scaling to multiple 6 figures, 7 figures and beyond is the name of the game, you need to focus on replicating your thought process so you can unplug from your business.

Bring on the expert to build the perfect systems to scale your business and the ongoing managers to execute those systems for you so you can have more time to spend work on your next 6-figure business idea.

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