When Will You “Make It” in Business?

Are you there yet?

You know, the place that you dreamed about when you were starting your business…

Traveling when you want and unplugging when you need.

Having unlimited freedom to work when and how you want.

Having a team bring your vision to life.

Being in charge of a thriving business like a “real” CEO.

The kind of freedom, flexibility, and ease that inspired you to make the leap to being your own boss.

You’ve had your eye on this prize for a while, right?

And you’ve been focused on growing your business and doing everything you can to follow in the footsteps of other business owners who have “made” it…

…only to find out that you don’t really know where THERE is.

You know you want to scale your business.

You know you want MORE.

And you *think* you’ve done what you need to do to get there. 

You’ve thought about your systems. Hired a VA or OBM to get you started… 

But your business (and life) doesn’t look anything like the business owners who have “made it”.

Because when you stop, your business stops.

Because you’re still correcting your team’s work.

Because you’re still handling all the “big” important, client-facing work in your business. 

So, even though you may have made some of the moves to scale, you’re not really operating like you’re in charge of your business.

And what you don’t see from the business owners that have “made it”, that post about their success and inspire you to grow your business is that their freedom, flexibility, and ease come from the continuous focus on their operations and the foundation that keeps their business going.

It comes from prioritizing systems, team, tech, automations, and most importantly, LEADERSHIP so they aren’t stuck in the weeds.

They aren’t stuck with systems that don’t really work.

They aren’t stuck with team members that don’t really support them the way they need.

They know their business and how it works and confidently lead anyone who comes into it.

And that’s how they “made it”.

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