Readiness VS Commitment: When Are You Truly Ready to Scale Your Business?

Being "Ready" is a myth.

When are you going to be ready to hire your first VA or the next one? When are you going to be ready to uplevel the tools that you use to run your business? When are you going to be ready to look at the foundation of your business? When are you going to be ready to standardize your processes?

My answer: You will never be truly ready.

Reaching your first $100K is a good milestone to begin hiring your first VA. When you reach $200K, it’s a good time to start thinking about taking your hands off the day-to-day processes.

These are nice guidelines, but have you ever reached your revenue milestones and still didn’t feel ready to uplevel? You still didn’t standardize your processes, you still didn’t build your team.

Readiness is a myth.

If you want to be working part-time hours or to really take yourself out of the business, then you should be looking at your core team members, your tech, and your automation, and at the processes for delegating that work. But a lot of people are not going to feel ready to do that, even though they’ve hit the milestones.

So if you’re waiting until you’re “ready” to make the big leaps in your business, you might be waiting for a long time. 

There will always be something that comes up to steal your attention.

There will always be some part of your business that is not fully ready

There will always be some part of yourself that isn’t ready.

What matters more is your commitment.

Are you committed to scaling?

Are you committed to working part-time hours?

Are you committed to having a team?

How I committed last year

I spent the majority of last year getting ready to transition to a VIP-day-only business model because A) I am that good and can build a system and overhaul ops in a single day and B) I wanted my business to include plenty of free time and support my lifestyle.

But I struggled and delayed the transition.

I said once all processes were finalized, I would transition. That came and went and I was still in the same place.

I said once all retainer clients were managed by my team, I would transition. That came and went and I was still in the same place.

I said once I completed 3 VIP days to test the model, I would transition. That came and went and I was still in the same place.

I was so focused on being ready, I didn’t realize I wasn’t committed to making the hard choices that would come with changing my business model.

It wasn’t until well into the summer that I committed and in a single moment, my entire business changed.

I committed to my business supporting my lifestyle. I committed to working part-time hours. I committed to the VIP day-only model.

Once I committed, everything got so much easier to plan and stick to AND I got what I actually wanted.

I had the hard conversations with my clients and transitioned them to trusted resources. 

I had hard conversations with my team, paring down roles.

I made the decision to say no to clients looking for ongoing operations management.

I sold more VIP days in 1 month than in the whole 7 months prior.

Now, I work 25 hours a week with an even leaner team of 3 and still manage to make multiple 6-figures.

Ask yourself, “What am I committed to this year?”

No matter where you are in your business, at 50K or nearing 100K, start looking at your processes and documenting every step. So you can get clarity on which tasks you’d rather get off your hands, and be prepared with the SOPs that will help you delegate clearly.

If you need someone to look at your operations, fill in the gaps between how you work now and how you want to work as a CEO, I can give you the exact blueprint so you don’t have to second-guess yourself again.

Don’t wait until you’re ready. You can commit today.

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