What You Need to Level Up Your Business When You’re Not Sure What You Need

Let’s talk about leveling up your business.

A lot of people come to me knowing that they’re frustrated with the way that their business is running, how balls are being dropped, and with their team.

They’re tired of running around chasing down members of their team to figure out what’s happening and to get updates on projects. They’re finding that projects are falling to the wayside. They’re starting a lot of things, but nothing gets completed because they get lost in a day’s work.

This creates a lot of frustration for many clients that I start to work with and the other people that I come across. And what do you need to do to figure out what is it that you need to level up your business?

Because often, these people come to me not knowing what they need. They only know that they need to clean something up or do something to their business so that they can continue to leverage themselves out of the day-to-day and be less of a manager in their business – and be more of a CEO.

These clients that come to me want to spend more time with their families, more time doing what they love, and less time working within the actual business. They want to spend more time focused on bigger opportunities that are coming their way.

But, they can’t do that because they’re busy being a manager and managing everything in the business when what you need is to pause and reevaluate where you are in your business. It’s is a common scenario.

Reevaluate your business

What do I mean by reevaluating where you are? Where are the areas that you’re falling and feeling discontent? Where are things feeling like they’re not working? And, of course, what are your goals? What is it that you want to do?

By doing this, you can start to piece together the two components that you need to start to making changes and meeting your goals.

Aside from this, what I often see with clients I start to help is that they are dissatisfied with the way that their business is working, or how disjointed their teams are, or how unstandardized their systems and processes are. Quality is the issue.

Other times, clients just want to have more free time. They want to have more freedom and continue to grow and pursue a lot of opportunities that are being presented to them. However, they’re afraid that they don’t have the infrastructure or the team in place to chase those big new opportunities.

Your right hand

So, again, what you need in this case is you need to evaluate your core team members and their roles within your team to create more time, create leverage, become the CEO, and find time for what you love. You have to find that core team member who is your right hand, who is the person that you can handoff your monumental opportunities when they pop up, or trust with your big goals.

This person is also the one that can handle your day-to-day team management and have them parcel and filter information off to the rest of your team. That’s one of the main steps in removing yourself from being a manager.

This role could be called the administrator. Or, your operations manager, business manager, COO – I’ve even heard the term executive assistant, rockstar assistant, and others… whatever it is you want to call it.

You need to have someone on your team that you can funnel everything to. Then, they become the manager within your business… And that is how you create more leverage in your business. That’s how you get out of the day-to-day management. That’s how you create better standards and systemize. This is how you implement projects that are completed.

Then, when anyone on the team has a question or issue, it’s quickly escalated to this right-hand person.

So, who is your administrator, your business manager, your operations manager? The person who you can trust to manage and execute your projects, track metrics, and make sure you’re hitting all your milestones.

75% of the time, this is the key role that’s missing: the administrator. If you’re feeling frustrated with your business or team and keep noticing tasks being dropped. And, if you’re tired of missing out on bigger opportunities, bigger clients, and want to feel more in control of everything that’s happening in your business – find that right-hand person that you can trust. The one go-to person who can collect updates and dish them out to your team… which means you’ll really only have one person that you’ll be managing.

Does this resonate with you? Are you ready to make some big changes in your team so that you can sign major clients? So that you can work on those massive opportunities and make those next iterations in your business.

If you’re ready, drop me a comment and let me know what you think – and as always, feel free to reach out to me. I love talking with you guys and I’m always happy to brainstorm and share feedback.

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