What it means to ‘Pivot’ your business

Let’s talk about “pivoting” today.

We’ve heard so much about pivoting and it’s all over the news: pivot your business, pivot your leadership, pivot your products, your services… everything is about pivoting.

It’s because we are in an unprecedented time where we need to act – it’s not a “normal environment,” business-wise. So, we have to address it.

That’s what everyone is referring to when they talk about pivoting now. They’re not talking about scrapping your business or doing a whole 180 and starting over. What we’re talking about is making key adjustments to your business.

And, let’s address the obvious: there doesn’t need to be a pandemic occurring for you to pivot. You should also pivot your business whenever there is an impactful event to your industry or market.

We pivot to adjust to the changes in our market and sector – that’s what it’s all about. That being said, we’re in an unprecedented time now that is forcing many of us to restructure.

So let’s talk about pivots and what it means for your business. When you pivot anything in your business, I want you to think about it as a specific move to address an ongoing concern or impactful issue within your industry or sector. And what is there to pivot?

What do you have to do to pivot your business?

Take a look at the pieces of your business with a little more depth, including the products and services you offer. Think about how they can be readdressed and aligned with what is needed in the market right now based on what’s happening.

How can I be supportive of what people need to hear right now? There’s a lot of uncertainty. There is a lot of concern.

Take those things into account when pivoting and restructuring messaging. How can you talk about your product a little differently and promote it differently? Address people’s concerns.

In essence, that’s the purpose of a pivot, right?

Plus, there’s also a positive outcome for this time that we’re in. Despite all of the bad the pandemic has brought, there are also positives, including how certain market shifts may have given you access to an audience that you never would have had before.

Before pivoting to serve them, think specifically on how you’re going to address them – to capture them.

Things haven’t slowed down, right? Life continues, businesses are still upgrading, and they still need support to run. There’s still a need for products and services. The way that you put your business out there – your presentation – is what needs to shift so that you can take advantage of where people are at today and how they’re feeling.

This why you need to pivot, especially now.

I hope this gives you some clarity and insight into what you can do right now to pivot your business.

If you still need help and are unsure of what to do next (or if you’re just getting started online with your business and want to have a conversation) drop me a note or reach out to me and schedule a time for a chat with me.

I love hearing from you all and I’m always happy to offer support, resources, and guidance to people who are just getting started and not sure what to do next in this digital landscape.

Let’s all thrive and pivot in the wake of this pandemic. See you on the other side of this all!

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