VIDEO: What is a strategy? Do you know if you have a good one?

Strategies are what guide the decisions you make as a business owner.

We are 100% in charge of our businesses, and we’re often inundated with options. Infinite options for what we can do, what we can invest in, and where we focus our attention. Strategies become key because they clarify what we are trying to accomplish and are a tool for guiding our decisions. If you come across a new product or service, the question becomes: “will this help and align with my strategy” instead of “ooh, new tool – must buy!”

At a technical level, your strategy encompasses your vision, your mission, your brand, and what you’re great at. But at it’s simplest form, your strategy is what you are trying to accomplish as a business owner.

So, what are you trying to build and what are your goals around that?

Once you know what you want to build, accomplish and achieve, you can make decisions that are aligned with that. It’s about getting clear on what your business is here to do.

For example, my ultimate goal is to build an agency – so my strategy is focused on what I am doing year-over-year, month-over-month, to establish my agency. That means focusing my marketing to certain clients, building my team, and creating the systems and processes to make team-building easier and more efficient.

I’m not getting sidetracked with platforms, quick-launch tactics, or complex funnels. When you think about your strategy, think about what you are ultimately trying to accomplish: what does your dream business look like?

Your strategy will focus your decision-making and guide how and where you do your marketing. It will guide what systems you create, it will guide what investments you put into resources, and it will guide what opportunities and partnerships you pursue.

That is what a strategy is and why you need it. You need clarity to push through the noise, because there are infinite possibilities, options, and opportunities that can sidetrack us and make us take our eye off the ball, which is often the reason we don’t grow, get traction, or make the money we want in our business.

Look out for my upcoming video on how to develop your business strategy. If you want to set up your strategy and action plan ASAP, I’m also going to be rolling out a Virtual Strategy & Action Planning workshop in September. Be on the lookout for details on that if you want to be part of the exclusive beta group – just drop me a comment or note.

Until next time, this is Diane.

What should you ask yourself to see if you’re scaling your business properly?

These are the two true secrets to scaling your business. If you are scaling or thinking about scaling, ask yourself:

  • Do I have a systems roadmap for optimizing my resources and my workflows?
  • Do I have the right resources in places to help my team execute systems and processes in an efficient and productive manner?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, congratulations – you have a properly scaled business.

If this resonates with you, or if you’re ready to talk about building systems and scaling your business, reach out to me. I’m happy to connect and share feedback and brainstorm. Until next time, this is Diane.

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