What Happens When You’re “Not Ready for Systems”

You might know that you need systems to be able to grow your business, but how many times have you thought, “I’m not ready for systems yet…”?

Maybe because systems seem so big and complex.

Maybe because you don’t have time to build systems.

Maybe because you’re focused on selling and growing your business.

I’ve been there, thought that, and delayed building my own systems too.

I was so focused on building the perfect fit systems for my clients that I neglected my own…

Because things were a little hectic…but running okay…and because building my own systems felt like so much work.

I sputtered along, going through feast/famine mode because I didn’t have the processes or time to delegate more than the most basic admin work.

Every conversation with my VA ended with a to-do list of steps, documents, passwords, and instructions I needed to pull together so they could actually help me.

And every step to streamline was half-baked as I decide to switch from software to software trying to plug all my messy organizational gaps.

I told myself…

“When I sign another client, then I’ll focus on systems.”

“When I hit my next revenue goal, then I’ll focus on systems.”

“When I finish this launch, then I’ll focus on systems.”

And not surprisingly, “THEN” never came.

Because there was always another client, revenue goal, and launch on the horizon that captured my full attention first.

So I know exactly what it’s like to put off your systems because growth is easier and more alluring and exciting than systems.

Until the day something breaks or you forget a deliverable, and (like me) you are left scrambling to pull it together.

For me, that was when a client wanted the status of a project that I literally forgot about.

We discussed the project during a meeting and I didn’t follow through.

I literally forgot about it because I was switching project management tools and was using my inbox to manage my work until I had time to set up the new one.

The project got lost in the shuffle.

It was a mistake and nothing was more stressful than scrambling last minute to pull the project together.

That was my system’s turning point.

I dropped the ball with a client and I never wanted it to happen again.

I knew I needed a solid system to track and manage my work. I also knew there was no way I could do it myself.

I was busy with my clients, marketing, and selling. I didn’t have the time or focus to objectively look at systems on my own.

So I hired my own version of myself to help me develop my systems.

Someone who would do the legwork and would know or research the tech tools that would streamline my systems.

To just tell me how everything could fit together to run seamlessly.

To hold me accountable for getting things done.

And the relief when it was done, was oh so sweet!

I finally had the systems to keep me organized and on top of all my client work.

I finally had clear processes to hand off to my VA.

I finally felt like I had it together in my business and was able to sell more confidently than before.

It’s so easy to think that systems only matter when you’re scaling to seven figures.

That you can just get by for now and worry about systems down the road.

But the hard lesson I learned and I continue to see with my clients is that systems matter even more when you’re smaller and scrappier because you need systems, structure, and tech to keep you organized and efficient so you get the most out of your time and effort.

You can wait until you drop the ball, burn out, or your business critically breaks…

Or you can let me help you build an easier and more supportive foundation today so you can be free to grow as big as you want to.

If you’re tired of being tied up in your business and you’re ready for that EFFORTLESS path to growing your business, I’m here to clear the path ahead and help you build your systems and tech foundations that will support that dream lifestyle.

We’ll tackle every part of your Operations together so you can scale to multi-6 figures & beyond with maximum freedom & flexibility.

​Apply to work with me here.

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