You can start building your dream team.
Know what to pay your VA before jumping into the hiring process.

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Hi I'm Diane Lam!

I’m a speaker, Trusted Advisor and Secret Resource behind high-achieving online service based female entrepreneurs. Female business owners seek my strategic support when they have the desire to scale to seven figures, but are near burnout.

With 15+ years experience, I’ve been the hidden resource behind a multitude of small business owners, developing their teams and systems so they have more freedom and time to focus on their family, relationships and their next $100k.

The problem is that you’re overworked, overstressed and unsure how to hire great help, making you feel like less of a CEO and more like hot mess pretending to have it together.

At Diane Lam Co. we believe that hiring unicorns is easy. We’ve interviewed hundreds of candidate and hired and trained dozens of perfect fit team members for our clients.

That’s why we consciously chose a different way, a freedom pathway of systems to hire the perfect team members every.single.time.

Hiring a great VA. Building your dream time. Growing your business while working part-time hours, is as easy at 1-2-3.

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