How to Hire a Unicorn VA

Never worry about Making a "Bad" Hire ever again.

I'll will show you exactly how to hire and onboard your dream team

You’ll walk away with the confidence, certainty AND the systems to hire any role you need like a seasoned CEO.

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In this course, You’ll Learn:


Learn how to create your team hiring plan, what roles you need to hire and in what order.

How to Hire the Perfect Fit

Where to look for the best candidates & how to interview like a pro so you only hire unicorns.

Expert onboarding & Management

EXACTLY how to onboard + manage your new hire(s) so they’re ready to show up & show out for you.

Systems That Scale with you

The expert know-how and the fully built hiring & onboarding systems you can lean on forever.

You've been putting off hiring...

You’ve googled “how to hire a VA”…

You’ve asked your friends and coach for referrals…

You’ve brought hiring templates…


Maybe next week, next month, next year, you’ll finally feel like you know were to start.

That’s a totally normal MO’s for most business owners.

But that doesn’t have to be your MO. 

Because having hiring perfect fit VA, OBM or other team members is more of a science than an art.

There is a set of rules. A formula to follow. Tactics to deploy now and tactics to hold on until later. 

I’ll teach the tactics and expert know-how that I’ve honed over 15 years so you can confidently build a team that you trust and take a giant step towards your your next six figure.

This program was created to tell you exactly what to expect when hiring and how to do it like a pro.

The Logistics

What is it?

  • 8 Week Live-Workshop that will show you how to create your hiring system, onboarding systems and your team management systems.
  • You’ll walk away with the confidence, certainty AND the systems to hire and manage any role like a seasoned CEO.
  • What We’ll Cover:
  • How to create your team hiring plan, what roles you need to hire, and in what order.
  • Rates for common types of VAs.
  • Where to look for the best candidates.
  • The 1-2-3 process to put together a job description that attracts only qualified candidates.
  • How to create job applications that weed out applicants that aren’t a great match.
  • The easy way to filter candidates so you only review the cream of the crop.
  • How to interview + what questions to ask to find a unicorn.
  • How to score your candidates for the perfect fit hire.
  • The exact process to onboard your new hire.
  • How to Manage your VA day-to-day so they’re show up and show out for you.

What’s included:

  • 3 x Live Training Workshops to walk you through planning your hiring, onboarding and managing your next VA.
  •  2 x Individual Hot Seat  to ask questions/feedback/recommendations as you hire and manage your new hire.
  • Complete Unicorn VA Workbook
  • 3 x Extra Live Expert Access Sessions
  • Private Community for Questions/Expert Answers between sessions
  • Intimate group size – Max 10 people


  • This round only: Beta pricing $1,111 (payment plans available)

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Hi I'm Diane Lam!

I’m a speaker, Trusted Advisor and Secret Resource behind high-achieving online service based female entrepreneurs. Female business owners seek my strategic support when they have the desire to scale to seven figures, but are near burnout.

With 15+ years experience, I’ve been the hidden resource behind a multitude of small business owners, developing their teams and systems so they have more freedom and time to focus on their family, relationships and their next $100k.

The problem is that you’re overworked, overstressed and unsure how to hire great help, making you feel like less of a CEO and more like hot mess pretending to have it together.

At Diane Lam Co. we believe that hiring unicorns is easy. We’ve interviewed hundreds of candidate and hired and trained dozens of perfect fit team members for our clients.

That’s why we consciously chose a different way, a freedom pathway of systems to hire the perfect team members every.single.time.

Hiring a great VA. Building your dream time. Growing your business while working part-time hours, is as easy at 1-2-3.

What does Making the wrong hire cost?

We’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates and hired dozens for our clients, and we get it.

If you’ve never hired before (or had a less than stellar experience with a VA), hiring can feel risky. But what does it actually cost you to make the wrong hire?*

  • Hiring the wrong VA – $1,000+/month

  • Hiring the wrong Project Manager – $2,000+/month

  • Hiring the wrong OBM – $2,000+/month

  • Not hiring at all – $100,000+ in lost revenue opportunities

*Based on average rates from contractors located in the US, working 20 hours a month (5 hours/week).

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The Guarantee

If you attend the live session and follow the process we lay out, and you can’t hire a great VA, we’ll give you a refund*

*See details about the guarantee in the FAQ section

Client Results


Frequently Asked Questions:

This group intensive is for anyone who wants to hire a VA, OBM, Project Manager or any other remote contractor role in the new 6 months.

We’ll give you the exact how-tos so you make the right hire, the first time around.


We want to serve the people who are committed to hiring a VA at reasonable rate.

This isn’t for business owners who aren’t sure if they want to hire, who don’t want to build a system to do it or who want to hire at under $10/hour.

How many courses or programs have you purchased where you never touched a single recorded module?

We’ve done that plenty of times. We believe that understanding and integrating the processes we’re teaching is faster and smoother when you attend live session. 


We do our best to scheduled in advance for the maximum chance that your schedule is open.

But if you can’t make it, you’ll receive the session recording and you can submit your questions before the workshop and Diane will answer them live. 

The results are in how quickly you can hire support and can take work off your plate.

The results are in your confidence and certainty as you interview and onboard the perfect VA.

The results are in your calendar and how much more time you have.

It’s hard to physically see the return that systems will have in your business. The one thing I can 100% guarantee is that hiring will be much more difficult and require a lot more trial and error without a process to follow or expertise to  guide you.

And if you’ve already tried it the hard way – IE doing it all on your own – and still aren’t comfortable hiring your VA – why wouldn’t you try another way?

Of course, but this this program won’t launch again until 2024.

The beta pricing disappears after this round and the standard price will be $2,222.

I do not put out crap. I stand behind my work and processes. I’m teaching the same processes I use when I hire and onboard for myself my past 1:1 clients.

I am so confident in my process that if you show up to the sessions, do the work and build out our temples, follow my process and guidelines, and you can’t hire a great VA, then I’ll send you a refund. 

Client Results