The VA I Hired Took Advantage of Me

Is one of your fears being taken advantage of by your VA?

A contact reached out to me for a referral because she was convinced that her VA was taking advantage, padding her timesheet, and just plain not hearing what she wanted.

Before she hired, she was nervous, but she jumped in excitedly anyway. Now it seemed like her nightmare was coming true…

😲 She felt out of control and had no idea what her VA was doing or billing her for.

😲 She felt like progress was sloooowww and work just wasn’t getting done fast enough.

😲 The work her VA was producing just didn’t look, feel or sound like her which meant MORE work for her when hiring was supposed to create LESS.

BUT it wasn’t her VA’s fault… it was hers. 🤯

She was shocked when she heard me say that, but a lot of business owners have this experience with their first hires..

The fact is most VAs want to do good work for you, but they don’t exactly know HOW you want them to operate.

While they’re getting up to speed, you have to expect that there will be some trial and error. There will be back and forth and that progress will be a little bit slower.

And you have complete control over how long that learning period is.

Luckily, bringing in a great team, getting them up to speed, and making sure that you are not being taken advantage of is actually pretty easy.

1️⃣ Define your expectations – What do you expect from your VA? How do you expect them to perform, communicate and complete their work?

Go deeper than “I expect good performance/communication/work quality” so that there are clear performance guidelines that they can be accountable for and you can stop wondering if they’re doing their job – you’ll know for sure.

2️⃣ Outline your systems – How do you do work in your business? You can teach your VA to read your mind, by telling them how. Your processes are the road to reading your mind.

Create your systems about how to do the work you’re delegating so that you can get the work off your plate and done to your standards.

3️⃣ Communicate your expectations and your systems – Communicating your process is part of onboarding.

Tell your VA exactly what you expect and how work should be done so that you’re both on the same page about how work will get done and you can measure their performance.

These steps need to be part of your onboarding process, so not only will your hiring be streamlined, but I guarantee your VA will thank you as well.

They’ll get up to speed faster.

They’ll take work fully off your plate sooner.

And you’ll be able to develop trust with them.

Because you’ll have expectations and processes that you can hold them accountable to.

There’s no more feeling like they’re taking advantage because you know for certain if they’re performing and doing work the way you want.

Try it out. Before you hire, complete steps 1 and 2 – you’ll immediately feel more confident, comfortable, and in control as a leader.

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