Everyone assumes you have to make sacrifices as you build your business.

Some of the sacrifices may seem logical, acceptable even.  But there might be sacrifices that you are making right now that are actually holding you back and making it harder to maintain and grow your business to the next level.

So how many of these sacrifices have you made to keep your 6-figure business going and growing?

Skipping workouts… to work.

Missing out on time with your friends, kids, and partner… to work.

Worrying (about work) during meditations…

Self-care actually feels like checking the box chore… so you can say you did it and get back to work.

Breaking all your boundaries to squeeze in 1 more meeting, 1 more client, and 1 more email for work…

These are small sacrifices that you make in the name of being a business owner, and they slowly start to pile up and before you know it… the business you sacrificed so much for is too big and heavy to keep going.

This is where your burnout begins.

This is where you sabotage your growth because you don’t have the space to create anymore.

This is where you are too overwhelmed to fully show up for your clients or maybe you’ve dropped the ball on big deliverables or forgot about it altogether.

This is the trap that I see a lot of successful business owners fall into. Because there’s a ton of guidance out there on how you can keep growing your business, but not a lot on what you ALSO need to do so your growth isn’t accomplished by sacrifices to you and your lifestyle.

Because ultimately, these kinds of sacrifices for your business are actually a problem with your foundation. 

The problem is in the lack of integration in your tools and the lack of processes. It’s in the lack of resources and the cohesion between all the moving parts.

It’s like trying to grow a tree in a sieve. All the energy and effort that you put into leaks out of the sides without allowing roots to take hold. This is what happens with your business when it’s missing the foundation and this is the real problem that leads to sacrifices in your business. 

If you want to grow your business without having to make so many sacrifices, your business needs to have the foundation in place to keep up with your growth, to support your growth, and actually accelerate your growth.

So are your business sacrifices because of a broken foundation?

If you want to dive deep into all that you really need to create a sustainable 6-figure business that doesn’t require you to sacrifice yourself to grow, then sign up for my Free 6-figure Sustainable Growth Masterclass where I’ll share my 3S formula for easy and sustainable 6-figure growth.

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