The Success Key to Make or Break Your Systems

Have you been building your systems based on what the other successful coaches and services providers use?

No shade.

You’re not alone and I’ve done this myself.

It’s great to have a reference and a starting point for your systems, BUT if you’re using the EXACT same tools that other service providers or coaches use, does that guarantee the success of your own systems?

Not exactly. Or maybe definitely not from what I’ve seen.

A client told me that she was using the same systems and tech that her business besties were using to make multi-6 figures without breaking a sweat…but it wasn’t working for her.

They had similar businesses.

They both had high-ticket, 6-month programs.

They both had group programs.

They both worked with the same coach and they both followed the same sales and onboarding approaches.

They invested in the exact same tech tools that their Business Bestie was using, so why, why wasn’t she getting the same results from her systems??

WHY did she need to manually update and send her contracts when her Bestie was using the same software and able to automate it?

WHY did following up with her leads feel so all over the place when her Best was closing in the DMs?

WHY was she working all hours trying to keep up with her clients when her Bestie was going on turning off at 3 pm every day?

She brought these frustrations to our first meeting and while we can’t compare their processes EXACTLY, there is one key difference that will always make or break your system’s success…

Even with the same tech.

Even with the business model.

Even with the same coach.

…We all want different things from our business (and our lives) and therefore have different processes to get there.

So while my client had the same business model, coach, tech, and systems approach as her Business Bestie…

The way they implemented all these things to get the RESULTS THEY WANTED was different.

And our first step was to get rid of the notion that it was the tech, the tools, and the approach that created a successful business.

Because there are literally a million ways to make $1,000,000 and the tech and business model are rarely (if ever) the deciding factor when it comes down to it.

With that in mind, my client released her grip on the copy/paste systems she’d been working with and just like magic, they went from struggling to holding it together to flowing and free.

🪄 We streamlined their sales and client systems for maximum efficiency so that each step was designed to nurture their leads and create the best possible results for their clients.

🪄 We dumped the expensive tech that wasn’t working for them and put in perfect-fit tech that kept them focused, organized, and able to manage their business in half the time.

🪄We automated their whole contracting and onboarding process so that it delivered the experience they WANTED their clients to have and it happened at the click of a button.

🪄They totally let go of the comparison with their Business Bestie and ran their business how THEY wanted to do it.

And they went all-in on group programs and DOUBLED their revenue while they worked HALF the time.

Because there’s really no such thing as exactly the same when it comes to business.

And the best systems, tech, tools, and models are based on the results that you specifically want in your business and your life.

Do your systems and tech support your business and your life?

If you want to grow your business to your next $100k and beyond EFFORTLESSLY, then I’m here to help you do that.

We’ll tackle every part of your Operations together so you can scale to multi-6 figures & beyond with maximum freedom & flexibility.

​Apply to work with me here.

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