The One Thing You MUST Continue to do Right Now

Today, let’s talk about a huge mistake I see a lot of business owners making right now.

Firstly, I get that we are in an unprecedented time. We’re unsure of so many things and there’s a lot of uncertainty on how to move forward.

But – there is one thing that you should not – I repeat – you should not stop doing.

What should you not stop?


Many have stopped, which also means they’ve stopped putting out offers. Of course, the market is shifting, and with that, the attention of the market is also shifting. Audiences want to hear different things because of the current climate. But as a business owner, your job is still to continue to push forward and resume marketing.

So above all else, do not stop your marketing and special offers.

Also, keep in mind: I’m not saying that you should just pretend as if nothing is happening and continue putting out the same offers you were using before.

You need to shift how you talk about your products or services and, similarly, you need to shift how you’re promoting them.

That being said, you really should not stop doing it altogether because you’re doing yourself, and your clients, a disservice by pulling the plug on marketing.

And, of course, in doing so, you’re telling your customers that you’d rather wait to see where everything lands before continuing… and then I’ll continue with operations as usual. By now, most other companies – large to small – have already shifted their strategies.

This will also allow you to occupy spaces you may not have occupied before. While some other smaller businesses will pull back and wait until everything picks back up, the audiences and customers they were usually communicating with… they’re still there.

The void created by other companies retreating will create an opportunity for you and anyone else primed and prepared for addressing market concerns and providing their services through it all.

The same also goes for choosing to pull back. Some of the customers and clients that you regularly serviced may veer elsewhere in your absence.

Don’t fall behind

All in all, if you want to continue to build your business and ensure your survival going forward, you have to continue to market. You have to continue to put it out there. You have to continue to make offers to people that you can help.

Because, if you don’t do any of these things, I guarantee that you will be behind the wave of other people in the space who were prepared and did take the leap during the time of uncertainty.

Ultimately, this is an area where many will miss the opportunity and create chasms that affect their ability to move forward in the future when we do reach equilibrium.

If this is a place you find yourself in and if you’re concerned about what to do next or you’re just getting started online, please reach out to me. I can definitely help you get off on the right foot.

This is the space that I play in every day. I’ve already seen many of my clients pivot their strategies and I would love to be a resource for all of you so that we can all thrive and grow together.

Drop me a comment or reach out to me. I’m always happy to have a chat and share a resource or support other business owners who are growing or trying to grow and thrive.

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