VIDEO: The One System You Have to Create

What’s the most important system to create??

Someone asked me this recently, and like most things, it depends… on where your business is, on what your goals are, and what the next step is for your business evolution…

But if I just had to pick 1 – I would say that your sales system is the key system, because it feeds your growth and your ability to maintain your business at its current level. If you do nothing else other than set up your sales system and continuously review and refine it to keep what works and remove what doesn’t, you’ll continue to grow and be a success.

So what does it mean to have a sales system?

Your sales system is what happens when someone raises their hand and says they’re interested in learning more about your product, service, or course you offer. You’re thinking: what are all of the points I have to touch to get them to buy?

  • What are you doing to nurture them before they get on a sales call? If you have a service that requires a sales call, how easy is it to schedule the call
  • What do you do to prepare prior to the call? Do they get confirmation, a reminder of what’s happening, additional information on what to expect?
  • During the call, what are you doing to show them you know them and their problem, and that you have a solution? What is the call structure? How is your service presented to them? Are you using aggressive selling tactics or soft close methods? The method doesn’t really matter, what matters is that it’s the right method for your customers.
  • Finally, what do you do when they say “yes?” And then what do you do when they say “no” or “maybe?” Can you send them a contract and deposit invoice on the spot, do you schedule a booking meeting? What are you doing to close the sales call and get them on board, or to address their concerns and get them closer to a yes?

If there is only 1 system that you create in your business, it should this system, because sales are the lifeblood of your business. We use the example of a service business because steps are more drawn out, but you would do the same things when you’re selling a product. The steps happen more quickly; they happen in seconds, as clients are reviewing a product page or see your product’s ad as they scroll. You would still be taking these steps into account when you present your product for sale.

Does this resonate with you? Do you have questions about building your sales system? Drop me a comment or reach out to me – I’m always happy to connect and give you feedback.

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