VIDEO: The Hiring Challenge

I recently gave a presentation to local business owners about how to scale their businesses more efficiently by setting systems in place.

I was surprised to hear the feedback from so many business owners, who, initially told me that they didn’t think systems had a place in the way they hire or train their employees. When I asked them to explain why a common response was: hiring is so different for every position and has so many extenuating factors – referrals, attitude, problem-solving abilities, communication style, and so forth – how could you possibly systemize hiring for soft skills? Many of them said the same thing about training. Training varies from position to position and from task to task.

How do you create a system for these variations?

To a certain extent, this is true. You’re not going hire a web designer and then tell them how to design the website, but you can and should put systems around how that work is done in your company and how it’s delivered to you. Also, I see many business owners who hire very quickly without any clarity around the duties and responsibilities for a role, which leads to poor fits for the position and frustration for both the employee and the business owner.

So what is the answer to the hiring challenge?

While it’s easy to think that systems don’t have a place in hiring or training because of the soft skill and variations the work presents, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. This is an issue of getting lost in the details of doing. You have gotten too granular about your hiring and training and have it’s become cumbersome.

How you hire, where you look, how you check references, how you test for fit, technical ability, and soft skills should be systemized so that you can hire the right people (and more quickly). I also want to note that with clear systems around the training for a position, you’ll have a better understanding of the role and the skill necessary to execute it.

The same goes for how you train. Yes, there will be variation and deviations for many tasks, but you’re not training for every single variation. That hire brings in skills and experience to the role, and the training you’ll be providing them is based around how work is done in your company, understanding the baseline process and resources so that they know how to navigate variations.

This type of training absolutely can and should be systemized, so employees are hired and trained in the same manner. Keeping this in mind, your hiring and training will become much simpler and easier to manage.

If you’re struggling with hiring or getting your team up and running, I hope this has helped you. Alternatively, if you’re trying to figure this out, drop me a comment and let me know. I love hearing from you!

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