VIDEO: The Follow-Ups

I met with a contact recently and she was so distracted. She was checking her phone and jotting notes in a napkin constantly so I had to ask what was going on and if everything was alright.

She was so apologetic. She explained that she had hired a lot in the last couple of months, but she was a little overwhelmed with them. She rattled off a number of her to-dos and I realized she had a bad case of the Follow-Ups.

You know, that anxious feeling that constantly makes you need to stop and send an email to your team to check-in, to follow-up, to make sure they go your message?

Do you trust your team?

We’ve all done it and this entire feeling comes down to trust. Maybe you’ve been burned by your team before, maybe balls have been dropped and tasks have slipped through the cracks or maybe your so overwhelmed you’re not really sure if you did pass it off…It could be a multitude of things, but it all boils down to trust. You don’t have the trust that whoever you’ve handed it off has the task and can/will execute and because you don’t trust, you don’t feel secure that it’s and you can’t let go.  This is the case with a lot of people who have teams and are thinking about delegating and it’s a huge distraction and drain on your productivity.

The solution

I’m going to tell you the same thing I told my contact.

In order to build trust quickly and efficiently, you have to create a workflow system around how your tasks are delegated, how they are transitioned and the communication touch points from your team back to you so you can truly let go. When your team is checking in with you, proactively letting you know what’s going on, that’s when you are really able to let go and turn-off.

The next thing you need to do is train on the process! If your team doesn’t know about this workflow system, chances are they aren’t going to do it and you will stay in the same anxious place. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you will feel secure and in control and really can let go.

I hope this was helpful to you as you grow your business and build trust with your team! Drop a comment below or feel free to reach out to me if you have more questions about this!

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