The Biz Growth Trap to Avoid

Maybe this year, you’ve crossed over the 5-figure/month mark in your business (YESSSS🎉🎉🎉)

And now you’re reaching for your next level.

You’re following Traction to a T.

You got the business coach and the next level strategy.

You’ve upgraded your tools and tech.

You hired a VA and maybe an OBM.

You’re checking all the boxes to scale your business, but something still feels off… 😕😕😕 and you’re not quite sure what. 🤷🏻‍♀️

🧐 You’re still overworking (wasn’t the team supposed to free up your time???).

🧐 You got the tech (but it’s not “talking” to each other or gelling).

🧐 You got the uplevel strategy (but you’re so busy managing, you can’t implement).


You’re not alone. I see this ALL.THE.TIME.

It’s the scaling trap that Traction, your coach, and your team can’t help you avoid.

👎 Because Traction was meant to give you an overview of what you need to scale, but not the specific how’s for your specific business.

👎 Because your coach is there to guide you strategically, but not necessarily tactically, and they most certainly won’t do it for you.

👎 Because your team doesn’t have the detailed tactics to execute.

So while you have the big pieces, you know what to do, you don’t have the details. The blueprint. The plan for the best way to implement each step so it’s aligned with your business and where you ultimately want to go.

It’s not your fault.

You see a TON of guidance on continuing to make money in your business… but not a lot of guidance on what to do once you’ve made the money so your biz foundation is rock solid and ready to scale.

So what are you supposed to do when you’re halfway through your plan to scale, and realize it’s not working?

✨ Go back to basics. ✨

Look at Traction, your coach’s advice, your strategy, and your team through my 3S Sustainable Scaling process.

📈 Systems – You’ve heard it before, but do your systems ensure that your brand, your process, your framework, your style, your flair, and your voice can be replicated?

📈 Software – Software, automations, tech – you’re on them constantly when you’re running your business online, but does your software to support your systems and the way that your business actually runs?

📈 Support Team – Systems and software also need support. Do you have the support team to execute your systems, utilize your software, and automation?

If you’re doing all the “right” things to scale and it doesn’t feel like it’s working. Do you have all 3S’s locked in place?

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