The Biggest Mistake New Business Owners Make and the One Thing You Should be Doing Instead

Today I’d like to take a couple of minutes to discuss a common mistake I see a lot of new business owners making.

I’ve been hosting a ton of free networking events, online webinars, and other online events over the last month or so.

And, I keep hearing the same question and problem over and over again:

“I’m not getting the results that I want.”

Or… I’m not getting the action I want, the client I want – I’d like to make more money and be more profitable.

And myriad other variations. When I hear this, I almost always ask this:

“Well, what are you doing right now?”

What answers am I typically receiving?

“I’m building my website.” “I’m doing market research” “I’m creating a perfect client avatar.”

You get the picture – all of the behind-the-scenes work.

The issue is that if you’re a new business owner and want traction/more clients/more money… you shouldn’t be wasting any of your time on that!

What you need is to be upfront and visible, making offers, getting others to know of you and your services. This is the biggest challenge I’m seeing with a lot of business owners right now.

What can you do if you have this issue?

First things first – you don’t need a website to grow your business. You don’t need a website to get more clients. You don’t need to create the perfect offering structure or business model. You don’t need to crunch the numbers…

You just need to get out there and talk to people. Tell them what you’re doing and building and what your offer is.

That is the only way that you’re actually going to get traction in your business as a new business owner.

Bottom line:

If you’re doing all the back-end things now and waiting for it all to be perfect before you actually go out there and start talking to people…

Stop all of that right now and start pushing out some of your messaging so you can test it and see what kind of people it’s landing.

Although your messaging will most likely require some refinement (it almost always does in order to start landing prospects), the goal is to get out there. Put your product, your services, or your face out in front to start getting the traction and offers you deserve.

Have any follow-up questions? If you’re in this place and need help and you want to talk to someone about this stuff, reach out to me.

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