The biggest mistake business owners make when scaling their business

You’re successful.

Your business has grown.

You’re at a place where you can’t do it all on your own and you’re thinking about how you can do things more efficiently and continue to grow at the same time.

You’re thinking about getting help.

You’re thinking about changing your tech.

You’re thinking about changing your services so you can do more. So you can build more…

Congratulations! You’re thinking about scaling your business.

This can be overwhelming even if you’re clear on exactly what you want to do – i.e. you know you need to build systems, hire long-term contractors/team members, leverage your tech – and you are ready to invest in the resources to get you there…

There are still some really common mistakes that I see business owners making all the time when they are preparing their business for scale and it holds them back, delays the process, and negatively impacts their experience.

1. Underestimating how much work it takes- preparing your business for scale is a big lift. No lie, no jokes. This is just a fact. It takes work – work that often has to fit in between your ongoing operations and client work. 

To get your system right, to get your software right, to get your team right – it takes a certain amount of effort. You can definitely make things easier by having someone like me in your business, clearing the noise, creating the structure, leading you through the process…

AND you still need to take part in the process so that the systems, processes, and tools being put in place actually align with your business because it’s your business.

2. Underestimating the transition period

Prepping your business for scale isn’t a magic trick or a wish being granted. There is no “blink my eyes and it’s all suddenly there” moment. 

Prepping your biz for scale means transition – some big and some small – but it’s still transition. The process can bring to the surface things you haven’t thought of, things you don’t want to think about,  things you do out of habit, and things that you do to make things easier for yourself but are ultimately harder for everyone on your team.

Prepping to scale your business is a transition phase for your business. You have to go through it to get to the next level and it can be uncomfortable especially if you’re adapting to process change, policy changes, team changes, and tech changes. 

Adapting to change can be challenging, and that’s what preparing your business for the level up means – you’re changing how your business operates so you can be more efficient and you are set up to have a team and support, and it’s not always easy.

3. Underestimating or not thinking about the process changes

You can’t prepare to scale and keep every part of your business and how you do things exactly the same. 

There has to be compromise and evolution because as much as you want to touch every single client in every step of their journey – it won’t happen. That is the definition of unscalable- you personally having a hand in every client. It’s inefficient and impractical – this ties you to your business more strongly than ever before. Forget about taking a vacation if you personally need to do the work to touch the client.

Forget about taking in more clients because even if you’re doing less, part of the process requires you, so you personally will still reach capacity.

4. Underestimating how much time it will take – see number 1 and 2 – it can be easy to pat yourself on the back for hiring a consultant or a team member to take this project on for you, but don’t underestimate the time it will take to get done AND fully integrate. A lot of times business owners think that the systemic growth process happens overnight or is done after their VIP day,  but the final phase of the transition and the results come as you actually start to use and integrate your systems, software, and team members

5. Underestimating what it takes to maintain it – Not one and done. Scaling your business happens in phases. It’s not a “build systems and now I’m at the top of the mountain and all my dreams have come true” process. You’re going to iterate, you need to use and maintain the processes and adapt them as your business expands and adapts.

This also means taking on team members and allowing them to help you manage the process. It’s not enough to want to build the processes and bring in the tools, but if you say, “Well, now I want to run it all myself,” then you’re in the same place as when you started. Understand that preparing for scale ultimately means getting support so you can leverage yourself, your tools, and your time.

If you’re ready to start prepping your business for scale – you want to hire and manage the right team like a Confident BOSS, and you want the perfect suite of tech tools for your business and you don’t want to spend the next 6 months trying to figure it all out on your own, you might be a good fit for my Systems Intensives. Apply for a VIP Systems Assessment with me at and I’ll show you how easily you can scale your business.

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