The 4 Question Scaling Strategy

Can we celebrate for a second?

You’ve come so far.

You made it through the wild ride that was 2020.

You came with it hard and 2021 is your best year yet.

So what’s up for the rest of 2022?

💬 Are you thinking about how to make your business run even easier?

💬 Are you thinking about what else you can hand off to your team?

💬 Are you thinking about how to savor the freedom and flexibility in your business?

💬 Are you thinking about what the next evolution of your business cash machine looks like?

If you’re looking at the remainder of 2022 and ready to run up on your next level, these are the questions you need to ask yourself:

1. How can you operate more smoothly and with more ease in your business?

2. What else can and should be delegated?

3. How will you keep your biggest asset (umm, YOU) primed and focused?

4. What is the next offer, upgrade or product that will take your business to the next revenue milestone?

I’ve strategized systems and operations, mapped automations, and refined teams for over 30 business owners this year and these are the questions my clients are asking themselves now that they’re out of the overwhelm and have rock solid systems, automations and teams in place.

Because now, each one of them:

🌟 Feels totally secure and in control of their business.

🌟 Has more free time to ideate and enjoy life.

🌟 Is pursuing bigger opportunities with total can’t’-f*ck-with-me confidence.

You can’t plan for your next level when you're drowning in your current one.

If you’re not here yet, prioritize untangling, rebuilding and reinforcing your business foundations (your systems, your software, and your team) and then come back to these questions.

I guarantee, they will be the easiest and most fun questions you have to answer once you’re out of the business weeds.

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