The 3 Systems Phases to Master to Scale with Ease

Do you know what happens when you not only build systems, but understand how they work and why?

You might be thinking… ”Meh, systems are NOT my jam” or “I don’t really need to care because I’m going to outsource my systems.”

Which is totally fine, most of my clients usually feel like that… at the start.

But you’ve hired a VA and had a bad experience (or seem to continuously have bad experiences)…

OR you struggle to delegate and feel like you need to overmanage or put your hands on everything in order to get results…

Then chances are, you need to go back to master your process so you can pass to your next growth level. Because these scenarios (that are actually so common) waste time, money, energy and keep you locked in a lower level of your business.

There are 3 system stages that you as a business owner need to master in order to guarantee that you can sustainably grow your business without burnout or overwhelm.

These are the system stages that I (and many of my clients) had to master in my business to catapult to the next level, prepare for more growth, AND make it easier to attain.

Stage #1 - Systems Definition

How do you get work done when you’re not clear on your process or its influx?

You can’t really… or at the very least, it’s pretty difficult.

When you don’t have definition in your systems, you might be continuously in the weeds, overwhelmed and anxious because you are creating a slightly different wheel every time you work with clients.

This is so common with clients who have grown really quickly, have a number of different offers and/or have pivoted your business and the goal in this stage is to define processes, (especially around how you produce results for your clients) so that you can be confident in your business, how you deliver and how you sell.

This phase is all about learning to clearly identify what steps and resources take your client from start to finish AND you need to stick to that process, run it, test it and gather more data.

Mastering how your processes are supposed to run will immediately increase your productivity and capacity, and it will also help you gather valuable information that will prepare you to fully delegate processes.

Stage #2 - Management Systems

When you know the process produces the results you want, NOW you can move into delegation because it is MUCH EASIER to delegate when you know the end result and the steps to get there.

When you stall in this phase, you might put off hiring a VA or your next team member or you might not want to give them “bigger” work because you’re nervous about whether they can do the work the same way you do.

Even with clear processes in place, I see so many business owners get stuck here for months (and sometimes years) because they never master the management processes.

And I get it – maybe you’ve never managed anyone before or if you have, you quickly learn that managing your own VA vs managing someone in corporate is VERY different.

Whatever the case, start delegating more than basic admin tasks to master the management process and the goal is to delegate more results oriented tasks so that you uncover what you need as a manager to trust that the work is getting done to your standard.

Mastering how to manage your team and develop trust is the first step to stepping into the CEO seat because you find out what you need to delegate with more control, confidence and security that work is getting done, the way you want it and to the standard that you want.

Stage #3- Full Systems Delegation

It’s difficult to master this stage if you haven’t gone through the previous 2 stages because this is where you have to combine the ability to define systems and your management process, so that you can take your hands off the wheel and transition full processes to your team.

If you don’t know what the steps are to get results, it will be difficult to hand off work to get the job done.

And if you don’t have enough experience managing, you won’t know what you need to build trust and certainty with your team.

Up until this point, you might have been the sole strategist, coach, or consultant in your business. It can be easy to never let go of work and to hold on to it because you think you are the only one that can produce results, but if you’ve mastered phase 1 and phase 2, you are well prepared for this stage.

The goal now is to integrate the management system into your defined process steps so that you can fully transition work off your plate AND hold your team accountable.

This stage is what most business owners want to get to. Being able to delegate fully. Knowing with certainty the work is getting done. That it will get done with the same result you would get (or better) and you don’t need to think about it anymore.

Mastering this stage is what will let you grow your business WITHOUT having to step in and do the work, review, revisions or approvals. Mastering this stage is where you can enjoy true freedom and flexibility in your business.

And these are the 3 phases that I help clients master as we build out their core tech and systems in my new 3 month 1:1 coaching and consulting program that helps online business owners build their core tech + operating systems so that they’re in control of their business, can confidently make decisions, raise their prices and make their next $25k faster and easier.

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