The 3 Decisions You’re Making That Keep Business Stuck

You might *think* that you’re doing all the right things…

You’ve seen some results, some traction in your business. You’ve crossed over the $100k mark but… getting to $125k, $150k, or *gasp* $200k+ seems sooooo much farther away. 

Because your now 6-figure business is heavier. It’s harder to manage.

So you try to find more time in your *already* packed schedule to do more so you can hit your money goals…

Being in this space – a place where you’ve grown your business and you’ve hit one of your first financial milestones – there are few decisions you’re making consciously and subconsciously that might actually be keeping you stuck in your biz.

I want everything to stay exactly the same

The nature of business is change. You will change. Your business will change and the way that you operate – ESPECIALLY as you grow and scale – will change. 

This can be a scary thought and I see a lot of successful solo entrepreneurs wanting to keep how they run exactly the same as they scale. 

This is actually impossible. It’s impossible to scale AND keep every aspect of your business exactly the same. If you want things to stay exactly as they are for whatever reasons – maybe you feel like the way marketing is happening is amazing or the relationship you develop with the client is the best part of your business. You can keep the essence of these things, but don’t expect it to happen in the same exact way it’s happened in the past.

Maybe you think your personal 1:1 touch with a client is what drives the amazing relationships so you shouldn’t automate or delegate.

I have clients who love the super hands-on, high-touch services that they provide to their customers, but the challenge with this is that to scale up your business, the way you operate to be more efficient will fundamentally change how you do things.

If you’re not open to changing how you do things in your business, you will have capacity issues, no matter how many bodies you bring in to support the business. So keep your eye on the essence of the journey or the feeling you want in your business and be open to the operations changing as long as the experience stays the same.

No one can do it better than me

You might feel like you’re the end-all-be-all, best creator of all the things in your business. This is really common because it’s your baby. And while this might be true in some parts of your business, there will always be some parts of your business where other people can do the work just as well, if not better than you.

You might think that this is just because you really know what you want in your business. BUT, there’s a difference between knowing what you want and trying to control everything to the point that no one can actually help you. That’s what I’m talking about here.

You might not know that you’re doing this, so take a look at your team and the people that you’ve worked with and ask yourself:

  • Are you constantly criticizing their work? 
  • When they do work for you, you are automatically looking for all the ways they didn’t do the work exactly like you?

Newsflash: No one is exactly like you.

If this is something that you are doing, I suggest that you think more along the lines of “Is the result or the end product aligned with what I want?” VS “The work has to be done in the same way I would do it because that’s the only way you’ll get results.”

Someone might not create a document or a graphic or a post the exact same way you would, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s wrong or it’s not good.

If you’re in this space, ask yourself: Does this get the job done? Does it answer the question?  Does this get the end goal/result that I want? And let this be a way to let go of some of the control so people can actually help you and you can grow your business faster.

It’s faster to do it myself

This might sound like the No-One-Can-Do-It-Better Mentality, but this is a little bit different and I see it just as frequently with my clients.

The difference is when you’re in this place, you think you’re being practical. You think you’re being reasonable. You’re trying to be efficient.

And maybe you even love some of the work that isn’t necessarily super high impact in your business, but you enjoy doing it.

The reason why operating like this actually keeps you stuck is that this doesn’t transfer your knowledge, your preference, your decision making or your thought process to anyone supporting you.  So you are not able to delegate more complex tasks, projects, or even decisions in your business. You pretty much guarantee that you are totally entangled in your business and it will be difficult for the business to run without you.

And there WILL be a point when you won’t have time to do it yourself. This is a point when it’s NOT faster for you to do it yourself and you’ll wish you could hand it off to someone else. This point actually comes sooner than a lot of my clients think.

They think it’s months, years even, away, and they have plenty of time. But if you’re not giving your team the opportunity to learn your thought process, it will start when your plate is overflowing and you’re dying for some relief.

So, start this process sooner rather than later. Know that it will take a little bit of time in the beginning to transfer the knowledge, but the return once it’s done, it is 10-fold.


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