So you want to Tame Your Tech...

And FINALLY Create The Systems (and tech!) That Will Make Running and Growing Your Business Easier

Tame Your Tech is a 8-week live mentorship that will help you set up the RIGHT tech + automations so that you’re streamlined, organized, and ready to grow.

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What you’ve got now is a bit of a hot mess.
That’s okay.

We’ve all been there - but at some point, it’s time to take back control of your business and tame your tech.

How we Tame Your Tech

  • Week 1 - The core tech every online business needs

    - Finances/Expenses
    - Project Management
    - Cloud Storage
    - How to pick
    - Recommendations/Pros+Cons

  • Week 2 - Individual Hot Seat

    Ask questions/feedback/recommendations on your core tech.

  • Week 3 - Custom Business Software Individual Hot Seat

    Every business has unique software needs.

    This is your opportunity to get specific answers about the other software that you might need to run your business, your way.

  • Week 4 -- Automation 101

    - The process to automate ANYTHING you want
    - How to get started
    - Essential automations
    - Automation tech

  • Week 5 - Automation Individual Hot Seat

    Ask questions/feedback/recommendations on your automations

  • Week 6 - 8 BONUS Expert Access Sessions

    Your tech insurance policy.

    You can use these hot seat sessions to ask questions/feedback/recommendations on your tech + automations as you tie up lose end and lock it in.

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