VIDEO: Systems Life

I want to talk about building routines and systemizing things in your business. I’m going to spend this month in South Africa between cities and safaris, where I’ll be totally unplugged.

Building the right team and systems

I feel really secure because I know I have the right team members who have gone through a particular training process and know what’s expected from them. They know how to do the work (although every process is documented in case they need a refresher), and they can manage the business while I am away. That’s what makes me feel secure and happy: being able to spend time away from my business without having to worry about it.

This is why I constantly share tips with you on building the right team around you and having systems and processes to go through in doing so.

What would you do if you could spend a month living and working in another country?

What would you do if you had the same amount of freedom? Feel free to ask for any recommendations!

You can have the freedom to walk away from your business, too, and know that it’s still up-and-running and making money. That’s why it’s so important for you to build systems.

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