VIDEO: Systems Guilt

At one of my recent workshops, someone asked me if they should feel guilty about not having systems in place in their business already.

A lot of the information I shared with them about what business owners get wrong about systems and why you really need them to grow, resonated deeply with them and was so logical and clear that they were dismayed to not already have them in place.

Am I a bad business owner or an ineffective one, if I haven’t considered systems before?

That’s where the guilt starts to creep in.

And NO, absolutely it does NOT mean that you are ineffective or “bad”. I can think of a million reasons why systems slip to the bottom of business owners to do list and honestly it’s even slipped a little bit in mine. I have to consciously have to carve out time and create a project around my systems and I do this for a living.

So don’t feel bad!! There’s no need!

Let me tell you that 99% of my clients and the teams I worked with in corporate created systems after – after a major set back, or set down. That’s usually what triggers the need for documented systems something has gone off the rails you need to clean it up and to ensure it doesn’t happen again you build in systems and processes. The fact that you are thinking about systems while you are I your growth & ramp-up stage put you AHEAD of the crowd!

Never too late to build systems

I wholeheartedly believe that you should focus on your sales and marketing as you start out to ramp up your growth. Also if you don’t know what success in your sales and marketing process looks – it’s difficult to create a system around it. Any system you create is purely theoretical and untested so the results will be inconsistent and the point of a system is to keep consistency.

Start your system build as you start to ramp up operations and have a good idea of what your overall sales and marketing plan are the right ones, the ones that are successful and can convert.

Before this you don’t have enough data and the system will change dramatically or will not give you the results you want.

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