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Hi I'm Diane Lam!

I help online business owners scale to multi-6 figures and beyond while working 25 hours a week or less.

Sustainable Scaling is near and dear to my heart becauseI started my business 4 years ago to normalize financial success AND ease for entrepreneurs because I believe that the world needs more successful female entrepreneurs who “have it all”.

And I wanted to specifically do this with AND for female-identifying, 1st generation immigrants, AAPI, and BIPOC entrepreneurs, because I know firsthand the pressures to conform and the familial pressure to pursue “safe” jobs that generally made white men wealthy in time, energy, and money while keeping my head down and working hard to make their vision a reality.

It’s been a long road – full of ups, downs, mess ups, broken systems, embarrassing client slip ups and all the mistakes in between – to the deep first hand knowing that there is another way.

And I want to bring that other way – the way to be an entrepreneur that has plenty of time, money, and ease – to all of you.

And I’m all about giving you the operational answers you need to scale in part-time hours today AND teaching you why so you can come up with the answers on your own tomorrow.

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