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Hi everyone!

It’s Diane here. I wanted to check in with you all today because I had an amazing meeting with Keita Williams this week and our chat gave me a reality check on my goals for the year and left me inspired to move forward and achieve them.

Keita owns Success Bully and is a professional, butt-kicking, goal-reaching accountability coach; as we were chatting and catching up on my goals, she kept asking me to “dig into it” and really get specific about my goals and how I was going with them.

Goal accountability

That really got me thinking. I was a little embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know exactly where I stood with some of my goals, and that I might be a little off-track because I haven’t been tracking my goals since I wrote them down and hid them in 5 – 6 different places, pretending that would keep them “front of mind”.

After we chatted, I started thinking about what I really need to stay accountable and reach my goals – and, surprise, surprise – it comes down to systems. Specifically, a system around goal-tracking that requires checking in and documenting what I did (or didn’t do) for the week to reach them.

Measuring goals

So, I sat down and it only about 20 mins for me to:

  1. Pull my goals together into a spreadsheet
  2. Write down the numbers I wanted to hit or accomplish
  3. Due dates (“by when”) – i.e., for each day, each week, and each month: what am I doing to reach that goal?
  4. COUNT what I’ve done so far

The counting step is what’s giving me a reality check right now because I see a real number around what I want and what I’ve actually done. This is huge because goal tracking is just as important as the goals and action plans themselves: it’s a mechanism for you to stay accountable.

Many people (myself included) like to hide from goals by not keeping track of the action you’re taking to reach your goal, but it doesn’t do you any good to not know where you stand. You’re not able to make progress, move forward to take the next step, and build that next level for your business if you don’t know where you are week-to-week.

So I built my spreadsheet, added a step to track my goals (similar to how I track my finances) within my weekly prep list in Asana so that I can count up my progress. All of that is really lighting a fire under me as we move into the second quarter.

I hope this self-reflection is helpful for you as think about your goals and where you are, especially now that we’re close to the end of the first quarter. There’s still time to get something done! What are you doing to track your progress so you can hit those big business goals this year? Drop me a comment, let me know.

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