Must-have tech tool to run your business smoothly

Maybe you’ve cobbled together your suite of tech tools that you feel pretty good about – your CRM, your email service provider, your social media scheduler, your project management tool…

But 9 times out of 10, my clients overlook one major tool in the tech suite of their virtual office. 

It’s their cloud storage software.

You might be thinking:

“Umm, seriously?” 

“Cloud storage isn’t ‘sexy’ software.”

Or, “Cloud storage doesn’t really DO anything.”

But hear me out. Your cloud storage software is actually the unsung hero of your tech suite and is a primary tool to help you grow your business.

If you don’t think about your cloud storage as a primary tool in your business, have you ever:

  • Wasted a ton of time digging through your emails just trying to find the files and documents you need to do your work?

One of my clients was wasting so much time digging through her inbox, trying to find the right versions of contracts and client documents. As a business owner, time and your clients are two of your most valuable assets. Not being able to find or manage the documents is not only a waste of time but also something that can impact your clients. I had another client who used cloud storage as a free-for-all. Files are simply dumped into storage without any system.

  • Struggled to find all the documents that a past team member was working on?

 I’ve had clients who’ve had team members who transitioned and it was a mess trying to piece together where all the documents they created were and how to transfer ownership of those documents.

I’ve also had clients who stored documents on their personal hard drives and were surprised when their team was pinging while they were on vacation to get access to certain files or when they realized someone on their team used an old version of a file.

Having a centralized cloud storage software for your team removes this risk and ensures that your business can continue with or without you or certain team members.

  • Had your computer in for repair or had to upgrade your harddrive unexpectedly?

This has happened to me recently. I had to bring my laptop in for repair and was on a loaner for a week. Could you imagine running your business without access to critical files for a week, or losing them altogether if your computer crashes? I have so many clients who rely on their personal or external hard drive for all their critical documents and when that drive is lost, broken, crashes, or otherwise damaged, critical files can be lost. 

So does cloud storage sound a little more important now? 😊

If so, make sure you have these cloud storage best practices in place so you can leverage this as a tool that supports your business structure.

  1. Have a cloud storage solution for yourself and your team. 

 Yes, even if you’re solo. Pick the tool that you are most comfortable with and get used to operating from the cloud.

  1. Clearly define your cloud storage usage system.

Keep your documents and your team organized by making sure everyone is using your cloud storage in the same way.

  1. Set the example – use it yourself and your team will follow. 

As the CEO, it’s up to you to set an example for your team. If you want your team to operate in a certain way, if you want your team to use a certain tool, you have to use it too.

Too many times, I’ve seen business owners try to implement new software and tools, and no one ends up using it because the owner wasn’t using it. So walk your talk and your team will follow.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best suite of tech tools, you will always have files and documents that are created to run your business. Being able to store, organize and collaborate on those documents in a structured and seamless way is a missing piece for a lot of business owners.

If you are not sure if you have the right tech to run your business, and you want to have the right tech tools to support your business growth and goals, you might be a good fit for my Tech Systems to Scale Intensive. 

Apply for a Tech Systems Assessment with me and I’ll tell you how you can pick the right tools that will propel your business growth. 

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