Is It Your Strategy or Is It You?

It’s not the strategy: there’s nothing wrong with your strategy – it’s you. You’re the reason why your strategy isn’t working.

You’ve invested in a TON of strategy.

You’re working with an amazing coach.

You have a business that is pretty successful on paper…

But you’re working overtime in your business and your growth has plateaued.

You’re frustrated and feel like you need a new strategy to level up your business.

If this sounds familiar… it’s not the strategy that isn’t working, it’s you. Let me tell you why.

One of the top things clients ask when they come to me is for help with their strategy. They are not seeing results from their coach or program they’ve purchased and they need new a strategy to help them scale their business.

When I hear this, 8 of 10 times, it’s not about strategy – and they DO NOT actually need more strategy.

Chances are if you are making 6 figures and you have a coach, a mentor, a mastermind, or an advisor – you have PLENTY of strategies.

Tactical planning

Chances are you already know what you need to do, but you just haven’t done it yet. So, what you actually need is tactical planning.

You might not know how to use the framework your coach gave you and apply it to your specific business situation, or you might not know all the details, the tech, and steps to actually implement the strategy. Or, you don’t have the TIME to implement it, you think it’s not working, and you want a new strategy that will get you to your next level faster and easier.

Unfortunately, your only way up is THROUGH. Continuing to invest in strategy isn’t going to get you to the next level. There actually needs to be implementation, hands-on building, time, and investment in the resources to turn your strategies into tactics and implement them so you can see results.

Doesn’t matter how much strategy you invest in – without implementing, you won’t ever see results. So what’s your plan for implementing your strategy?

If you don’t want to implement everything on your own and you want an expert to turn your strategy into actionable steps AND execute it for you, you might be a good fit for my Uplevel Entrepreneur service.

Apply for a Level Up Business Assessment call with me and I’ll show you how I can easily level up your business.

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