Income Envy

Are you secretly a little bit jealous that your friends and competitors had the bandwidth for an end-of-the-year sales push AND new-year strategic planning… meanwhile, you’re struggling to deliver services you sold two months ago, and you don’t have the time or headspace to think strategically about how to create some breathing room in your business, let alone how you’re going to grow it?

Lots of coaches (and maybe your friends or even your competitors) are posting year-end results outlining how well they did over the past year and what they’re going to do next year to continue to grow and honestly, for a lot of my clients, this is triggering.

Why? Because you see that your own capacity is staring right at you and that you are leaving money on the table.

You see competitors continuing to launch and sell.

You see your coach making business look easy.

BUT YOU… For some reason, you specifically can’t seem to get past working overtime just to maintain your business.

And you can’t really do more unless you give up sleeping, eating, or seeing your family; so what’s wrong with you, that you can’t seem to pull it together and really leverage your business?

The strategy

Listen up, because you don’t have a strategy issue and you don’t have a marketing or sales issue – so listen before you run off hiring another coach or assistant (because I see this all the time).

Your business has grown so fast. You’ve built everything on-the-fly and are stuck in that continuous grow/build phase where you’re laying more stuff on top, making tweaks and adjustments, and mostly just putting bandaids on your business without considering the foundation. This is a very common scenario for high-growth business owners.

HOWEVER, you built your business on quick sand, so everything is a little shaky from the beginning. And, as you add more on top of it, it’s only a matter of time before it comes crashing down and you start to see little issues snowball into big problems. Things like delivering your products and services to clients become harder, more balls get dropped, delivery is delayed and to make room for the delay, you have to move other projects, causing a downstream ripple effect.

I had a client who was a coach and a great reputation in their field. They signed a 6-figure client… and the wheels fell off the business.

Why? Because my client was the one holding the business together.

They were working all hours to fulfill sales, deliver their programs, pick up the slack for the team, and the second the big contract came up, it sent everything crashing down because then they didn’t have the time to hold the business together.

There was no standardization, no templates, no systems, no processes, and no policies. Then my client became an ever bigger bottleneck than they were before.

What do you do if you’re stuck in quicksand?


It might be really difficult to slow down your operations so that you can fix critical foundational issues, but it’s non-negotiable.

Rebuild and reinforce.

Review sales, marketing, delivery, internal infrastructure, and your team resourcing so that you can build systems and strengthen how functions operate. This will ensure you are not the bottleneck.


Get on board… Train everyone – including yourself – to use the new systems. You, as the owner and CEO, determine how quickly your systems and business foundation integrate into your business.

Patience, not perfection.

Don’t ditch the new systems because they’re outside of your comfort zone and you’re not seeing results in a couple of days. Truth is, it will take time to fully integrate. The bigger your operation, the longer runway you’ll need.

Implement these steps now to increase your capacity and set up for year-round sales launches with ease.

If you are overwhelmed and at capacity in your business and you want an expert at your side to do the heavy lifting to rebuild your business foundation so that you can grow with ease, you might be a good fit for my Uplevel Business service.

Apply for a Level Up Business Assessment so that you can see how working with me will level up your business and your life.

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