I Never Want to Fill my Biz to Capacity Again

I’ve been around the operations block a few times.

I spent so many years launching multi-million dollar hedge funds and running million dollar businesses, that when it came to running my own, I felt like I was invincible… until I wasn’t. 🤭

When I launched my business, I was growing at a steady pace as I honed my services and execution to turn my clients into raving fans.

They loovvveedd that I could take their best (read: vaguest) ideas, bring them to real life, and get them operational WITHOUT their direction, oversight, or guidance.

It was a win-win for both of us because I loved making their ideas reality. I was a hidden resource and before long, I had a full client roster… I was at full capacity with 5 clients.

Record Screech…You heard me right: at 5 clients, I was hitting my very own glass ceiling.

I was already overworking (#tigerbaby), but my hours were creeping up even more as my clients expanded their businesses and wanted my eyes and hands on their new projects.

And I realized I’d turned myself into an employee… only this time, I worked at 5 different companies.

Even though I loved my work, I struggled to make decisions and act like a CEO.

It finally dawned on me when I was grabbing drinks with a friend who is still in the corporate world. They were annoyed to be working on a “tiny” $5 million company.

They were frustrated that the management team made such slow decisions, wanted an ROI analysis on everything, and were afraid to commit to an action plan.

At that moment, I empathize with this “tiny” company. I knew their uncertainty and indecision intimately and over $17 cocktails, I realized what my real problem was.

I had so much ops experience, but I wasn’t successful applying it in my biz because I hadn’t adapted them to work on a smaller scale or in a remote environment.

I had to dig deep to reconfigure them and the result was the plan that helped me 3x my capacity while cutting my hours.

🛠️ I was able to pinpoint the systems that needed to be fast tracked so I could delegate higher level work and foolproof my results.

🛠️ I was able to cut through all tech options and hone in on the perfect tools to run my business.

🛠️ I was able to reconfigure my team and hire roles that actually supported my business and freed up more time instead of holding off because

When it was all said and done, this was over a year of incremental work and once it was in place…

I created a new offer that brought in $92,000 in 4 months and I cut my hours from 50+ a week down to about 25. 🙌

And most importantly, I got the freedom that I craved when I started my business.

You don’t have to do it the way I did – stifling your growth and taking over a year to figure out how to get you to your next $100k without sacrificing yourself.

You can take the express elevator and make decisions with confidence that you’re on the business freedom track, and skip past growing pains all together.

🗝️ All you need is the right plan.

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