How Using Templates Can Hurt Your Business

Did you see templates as a bonus in the last course or program that you invested in?

Templates for marketing.

Templates for hiring.

Templates for your systems.

Templates for your automations.

Templates for just about every part of growing your business seem like the hottest thing to sell outright or include as a bonus in a course, group program, or masterclass.

And I get why.

Having a template means you can ✅check off the boring, basic part of business and move on to the fun stuff that you actually want to do right?


One of my clients found out the hard way that using templates actually made it HARDER to grow her business.

They invested in a program designed to help them uplevel their consulting business and one of the most appealing parts of the program was that it included template SOPs for EVERYTHING.

There would be templates for marketing to high-ticket clients…

Templates for sales presentations…

Templates for onboarding clients…

Templates for hiring a junior consultant…

It seemed like it had it all for a multi-6-figure service in a box ready for launch.

With a pitch like that, my client happily invested in the program so they could uplevel their consulting business ASA-Yesterday.

They dove in so excited to unpack to get the growth shown on the road…

… But that isn’t how it worked out.

Even with templates in hand, they hit a wall of frustration, confusion, and uncertainty about how to apply the templates to their business.

The templates included steps like…

Create a sales process that addresses decision maker(s) objectives – which is generally good advice, but my client struggled with what that meant for their specific services.

Or Automate your onboarding communications – again, good advice, but my client didn’t use the same software recommended by the program.

Or Use the pitch formula to develop the 6-figure service pitch – but the template made their offer sound robotic and disjointed.

They leaned into the program, working through each step with their team, but felt like walking through the mud – awkward and slow going every step of the way.

Before they knew it, 6 months had passed and they were stuck in the same place, frustrated, overworking, and wondering when it would just get easier…

They were referred to me and it was easy to see the gaps that the templates left them with…

❌ They were doing the work, but they didn’t know if they were doing it “right”.

❌They didn’t have context around how to use the templates to launch the specific service they had in mind – so they spun their wheels trying to figure out how to use the templates in their business.

❌ They were so sold on the templates being the easy way to grow, that they created MORE confusion (and cut off their growth) by trying to fit their business into the template.

The templates were hurting their business growth.

And all this shifted once I started working with them to master their operations.

Once they understood their own operations and how the pieces fit and worked together to produce the results they wanted, everything shifted.

They saw the team gaps, the process gaps, and poor tech choices through a different lens and we were able to create a plan for them to fill in the gaps and put the business on firmer footing.

They were an active participant in the development of their process so they knew how they would work, what results they would produce, and that they could trust the processes (and they didn’t write a single SOP to do it).

They knew definitively that their business was working.

With this certainty, they let go of the work that bottlenecked them, they delegated MORE and BIGGER tasks to their team and knew that they could 100% depend on their team to get the job done.

They felt more creative.

They launched a new service.

They weren’t bogged down in the day-to-day admin.

They had more control of their business WITHOUT working more hours.

They trusted their business to run exactly how they wanted.

Because the templates are NEVER a replacement for you showing up as the CEO that calls the shots in how YOU want your business to run.

You can find out more and how to work with me here.

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