How to Stop Wasting $$ Hiring Expert & Consultants

Have you ever invested in hiring an expert to do something for your business – build out a system, platform, tool, consult for advice – only to find that they built something that you didn’t need, don’t use, or worse…

Is actually something that doesn’t work?

This happens all the time. You finally make the decision that you’re going to systemize, scale, be the CEO, and hire someone to build the things for you. Then, you find the perfect expert, they build exactly what you asked for…
But it doesn’t work for you. You don’t use the system or tools they built, and you move on, a little disappointed and unsure what went wrong and wondering why systems don’t work for you.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the expert; in fact, I advocate hiring experts to fill in your knowledge and skill gaps. The problem is that you might not know what to ask for.

Can you recommend platforms?

Questions I get all the time: “Can you recommend XYZ platform?” or “Can you build out this system/tool for me?”

And 100% of the time, they’re surprised that I refuse to talk about system tools and platforms and instead focus on their challenges and goals before we ever talk about tools, systems, and platforms.

This is because to build a real system that actually works and produces the results you want and that you’ll use over the long term, I have to understand where you are and where you want to go so I can resolve the parts of the business that hurt, that cause you to struggle, and that suck the life out of you. THEN, and only then, I can create a bridge of systems, tools, and resources to where you want to be in the future.

So if you’re considering hiring experts to build out your systems for you, make sure you know what you’re asking for so your systems produce the results you want. Then, hiring an expert to get you through the process will be much easier and successful.

Apply for a Level Up Business Assessment call so you can see how working together can save time and money by creating the right systems on the right platforms – right now.

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