How to Save 10 hours WITHOUT Hiring

You know me, I’m all about having a team, delegating and outsourcing work so that you can work less, get better results and make more money.

It’s a fact in growing a multi-6-figure business – you will need a team to do it.

But I get it that sometimes it might feel like you’re not ready to hire your first (or next) assistant.

Whether it’s because you don’t feel like you can’t afford to hire a VA or just plain are too overwhelmed to even start a search, this is a really common growth roadblock.

And it’s one that really impacts your business growth because at every stage of growth, capacity issues will show up in some form or another.

So even though you can never get away from hiring a VA or building a team if you want to grow a multi-6-figure business that runs without you, there are some things that you can do right now to buy yourself time so that you can get ready to hire.

🔖 Simplify Your Process

The way that your business operates probably evolved over time.

Maybe you added an extra strategy session here, another marketing platform and content type there, a worksheet here, another exercise, audio, workshop or something similar… all in the name of building your business.

If you’ve never looked at how you’re actually producing your work, this is one of the best places to start simplifying to save a ton of time.

Take a look at your marketing process.

Take a look at your client process.

Take a look at your organizational processes.

Walk yourself through how you work through each of these processes and note what is absolutely mandatory because: 1) it impacts the client experience AND 2) it impacts your ability to deliver results or the promise for your clients.

If you find yourself coming up against steps, platforms, tech and tools that you added just because and they don’t enhance the client experience AND they don’t impact your ability to deliver results, then consider removing it all together so that you can get more efficient.

This might look like cutting out Tiktok or Instagram as a platform.

This might look like sticking to written content instead of doing all the videos, lives and reels.

This might look like increasing your timeline so that you have more time to deliver.

This might look like reducing the number of client sessions or reports to make your offers easier to deliver.

What I see so frequently is that over time, processes get bloated by steps that don’t actually move the needle in the business and actually make it harder to manage.

So take a look at your processes and ask where you can simplify to take back your time.

A recent client had no idea how bloated their marketing, sales and program process had gotten until we reviewed them end to end.

We cut out 2 marketing platforms they DIDN’T even want to be on. Cut down to 1 primary content type and streamlined their flagship client program from 5 months down to 3 (while still delivering on the client experience AND the promised results).

Saving them over 15 hours a month in content production, marketing and client management.

🔖 Simplify Your Materials

We all want the best.

The best graphics, images, website, content… you name it and if you had the option between the best and “just okay,” you probably pick the best, right?

This is something I’m guilty of as a recovering perfectionist. I wanted everything I produced in my business to be the best, top of the line quality.

But how many times has the desire to have the “best” landing page, content, video, website, proposal, graphics, automation, etc… actually taken you a TON OF TIME to create?

I personally wasted a ton of hours building my own website, doing graphic design, learning video editing and I delayed taking action because the really fancy website/graphic/video made me feel more together as a business owner.

If you’re also burning time or delaying because you want a part of your process or materials to look a certain way, then this is a great place to also start taking back your time.

Because the number of business owners I’ve worked with who have had multi-5-figure launches WITH and WITHOUT professionally built sales pages and funnels is 50/50.

🚀​ You CAN 100% have a multi-5 figure launch without a professional sales page or funnel.

And honestly, the design, the layout and tech behind collateral like this is where I (and so many other business owners) like to delay from having to do the launch, be visible and sell.

If you find yourself doing the same thing – holding off until you have time to “figure out” WordPress or build the perfect proposal – then take a look at your materials and ask yourself, “What is the easiest way to convey what I need and get people to the next step?”

For me, this was letting go of fully designed workbooks, welcome packages, and reports. At the end of the day, the purpose of all these materials was to convey information and I could do that SO MUCH EASIER through Google Docs.

While InDesign and Canva made me FEEL more together as a business owner, Google Docs actually let me deliver like a CEO.

When I moved client materials to GDrive, I was able to cut 11 hours of design and edit time from my budget, and now I’m able to turn around edits to clients in half the time.

By taking a look at your process and the materials that you use to support your process, you can find efficiencies right now that will free up your time so you can focus on growth.

These steps won’t replace the need for a VA, but it will buy you time while preparing you to have a VA or team support you in the future.

Try it out and let me know where you were able to find efficiency and streamline your processes.

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