How to Reorganize your Business for Growth

Let’s talk about organizing your business for growth.

What does this mean? Well, if you’re running around constantly, juggling all of the tasks in your business, and you’re the key contact for all the clients and projects, and every day feels like a whirlwind…

Then this is the video for you.

If you’ve ever gotten home or finished your day at 6:00 or 7:00 PM and wondered – wow, where am I? Where’s all the time gone? And, you’re exhausted and haven’t even begun some of the core projects for building up your business, then I’m talking to you.

So you’re in the eye of the storm. How can you create some ease?

It’s a fairly common challenge, and many of the business owners I work with don’t even realize they’re doing it until they’re at the point of burnout. Because let’s be real, it can feel really good to be the key person in your business, to be the one that’s in control, and to be the key decision-maker.

But, what happens more often than not is that you spread yourself too thin and try to keep everything in the air and you ultimately create a backlog and become a bottleneck.

This is where growth starts to stagnate, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today because eventually, everything comes crashing down. Whether it’s a quality issue, timeliness issue, or a straight-up burnout issue, everything always comes crashing down in this scenario.

So you want to stave things off before you get to that point, right? If you were kind of already feeling a little exhausted in your business, or like things are starting to get shaky, where everything falls squarely on your shoulders… then maybe it’s time to think about how to reorganize your business.

You can’t take on any more. You can’t build anymore. You can’t accept new projects because there’s just no time or energy left. Let’s get to the organizing, then.

Two steps to growing your business for easy growth

There are two things you need to do when you get to this place.

The first might sound a little counterintuitive: hit pause – and refocus on your core more often. Often, when we’re plowing ahead constantly, we try to strike opportunities while they’re hot and just say yes to anything that can bring in some cash – partnerships or opportunities.

And, while these might not give us a quick hit of growth, it may bring in a quick injection of cash.

At that time, we’re not thinking about how everything fits into the core business. Everything you’ve built thus far. So how are they going to promote it, constantly, if it doesn’t mesh with your business’s core competency?

We don’t think about how we’re going to sustain it. Even if it makes you a quick $5k, $50k, or anything else – you need to consider your core. Is it something you’d be able to keep on, and justifiably spend resources on it?

That’s where efficiency and consistency go out the window. So, first and foremost, hit pause and refocus on what the core of your business is.

Drop the services, products, projects, and things that are not directly tied to these core offerings and free up some of that time and space for yourself to do part two.

The second thing on our list? You’re going to have to review your internal business structure.

Do you know what it takes to sustain your business? The tools and platforms and team members and the roles you need? If you’ve gone through a high growth phase, chances are you probably don’t. Chances are you’ve added tools, platforms, and brought on team members that all act like bandaids and give you a little bit of lift in the short term, but without any thought into how they’re going to continue within the overall business.

The issue with the second thing on our list?

You end up incurring a lot of expenses that turn out to be bad investments with little ROI. And, when you’re the head of the business, you’re the leader of the ship. You have to keep look after your ROI.

It just doesn’t make sense to have a business bringing in a lot of money with zero profitability which is something I see very often. An amazing, money-pumping machine that ultimately makes you little-to-no profit.

In the end, if you’re feeling a little burned out – as the sole PR, head honcho, and all else in your business – drop me a line and let me know what’s going on. I’m always happy to talk.

And of course, if you want to talk about how you can move forward with specific tactics, send me a direct message as well. Let’s get you reorganizing your business so that you can grow with ease.

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