How to Pick the Perfect CRM for Your Biz

You built your business online so you know how to use tech.

You have the basics down and they’re working… sort of…

👀 Except for when you lose track of your work leads in your inbox.

👀 Expect when you manually onboard your client.

👀 Except for when you realize you can’t find your client docs because you accidentally deleted them during your last CleanMyMac hard drive scan…

You’ve had the basic tech down to run your business, but you’re not leveraging it. You’re not using it in a way that makes it easier to run your business. 🤯

This is an easy mistake to make because picking the perfect tech for your business ISN’T just about the tech, the software, or the automations.

In fact, the bigger piece of making tech selection is your process.

Ok, I can feel the disbelief from here. But bear with me for a second.

Because before you can pick a tech platform, you have to be clear about how you work so you can make sure that the tech will actually work for you.

I’ve seen so many business owners fall into the trap of picking tech without knowing their process and end up wasting money, time, and energy setting up the tech that can’t do what they want.

So if you are trying to decide between different CRMs (or any tech, really), here’s how to pick the perfect CRM for your business.

1️⃣ Outline your current workflow.

Ask yourself, “How do I do work?” If you’re considering CRMs, think about how you are currently tracking prospects and clients, so you know the basic features and functions you need in your tech. This will also help you weed out the different tech tools because I guarantee that not all of them are going to fit how you work.

By focusing on your workflow first, you guarantee that the tech you choose will work for you from day 1.

2️⃣ Outline how you want to work.

Step one was about getting the basics down so you can pick a tool that works today. This step is all about figuring out if your tech can grow with you and make you more efficient.

You don’t want to pick a CRM today only to find out 3 months from now that you need to switch to another platform. So in an ideal world, how would you work?

There’s no need to pull out your 5-year plan or get too crazy here. The key is to get clear on how you want to function so you pick a solution that is useful for more than just a couple months.

3️⃣ Compare your two outlines.

If you finished step 1 and step 2, you have current requirements and future requirements for your CRM. Compare the two lists and you’ll find that there’s probably overlap.

Maybe right now, you’re manually booking client sessions and tracking them in a spreadsheet. You want something that will track client sessions automatically and won’t let them book more than the sessions they purchased.

Now, you can review different calendaring and CRM systems knowing they need to not only book sessions, but also count the number of sessions booked. Not every calendaring or CRM software is going to do that. You don’t need to waste any time on the ones that don’t.

Following this framework, you’ll save yourself the time and headache of researching all the possible tech options and hone in on what you specifically need for your business.

You’ll get out of the indecision cycle and be able to move forward with confidence that your tech is going to work for you.

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