How to Market WITHOUT Creating New Content

Are you a slave to your content creation cycle?

While you’re carving out time every week creating new content, feeling stressed when you’re not in flow, or frustrated when you’re the content bottleneck… Let me let you in on a little secret…🤫 

I didn’t create a single piece of new content in 6 months… and I actually GREW my audience an average of 48% across all my platforms and maintained $10k – $20k months.

My business has been at capacity since the end of 2020 and I didn’t have room on my plate to create new content through most of this year.

So how do you market and grow a business without being the faucet of constantly flowing content?

For me and a lot of my clients, being able to step away from content creation duties boils down to:

  1. Creating a Repurposing formula – IE your system
  2. Increasing your ability to execute – IE your team

Being able to step away from constant content creation is all about having the right system to repurpose the old content you have, but more importantly, having the right support team to execute that system so that you’re not just creating more work for yourself.

Having a repurposing process is not enough.

Because at the end of the day, you’re are still the one to execute the repurposing process, then you’re replaced one task with another when the goal is really to get away from the task altogether.

So when you think about how to unchain yourself from your content creation, or any repetitive task within your business, think about whether you a system for how to execute AND the resource you need to execute it. 

This is the key to being able to step away from content creation as a constant recurring task and this is the key to being able to grow your business sustainably.

If you’re ready to step away being the end all be all of your content creation process and you want to feel confident and secure that you have the right team to support and execute for you, then you might be a good fit for my Systems Intensives. Apply for a Systems Assessment with me and I’ll show you how you can get clear and confident about the support you have in your business.

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