How to Make EVERY Tech Decision with Ease

🤔 ConvertKit or Mailchimp?

🤔 Kajabi or Teachable?

🤔 Zapier or

🤔 HubSpot or PipeDrive?

🤔 Proposify or Keap?

What if every time a decision like this came across your desk, you didn’t flinch with confusion, overwhelm, and indecision?

What if every time you had to make a tech decision, you could do it quickly and with 90+% certainty that you were making the right decision?

And what if connecting the tech downright excited you and you could confidently delegate the creation of automation to your VA?

How would your business look? Heck, how would your LIFE look if you made decisions with the confidence and swagger of a Badass CEO?

But sometimes, these decisions can feel confusing, frustrating, and just downright annoying.

You might ignore them and make do with basic tech and manual processes that take more and more hours to complete…when you remember to do them.

Or you might spend hours on Youtube, watching software tutorials, reviews, and demos… only to be more unsure of what tech would work best for your business.

Or maybe you jump head first into every new software your business besties post about in your coaching Facebook group… and end up with a mishmash of tech that you pay for but don’t use.

The thing is: at each level of growth in your business, you’ll need to make decisions about the tech that you use to get to the next milestone.

You can bury your head in the sand and pretend the problem doesn’t exist while it quietly grows out of control in the background or you can take charge and show up like a CEO today.

And stepping up as a CEO does NOT mean being a tech expert.

It DOES mean knowing your PROCESS well enough to set parameters for your tech and delegate the doing to your team.

Do you think Rachel Rodgers, Amy Porterfield, or Marie Forleo are agonizing about Kajabi? Or are they so damn clear about the process and results they want their programs to deliver they can delegate the tech to their teams?

I’ll put money on the fact that they’re setting the vision, the parameters, and delegating the rest.

To do that, they are masters of their processes and you can show up the same way right now by mastering your processes. No mega tech investment or massive team required.

You can find out more and how to work with me here.

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